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Ragdolls are meant to stay indoors, they are docile and a natural “house cat,” while it is true that letting your cat play or roam around outside may exercise their hunting

skills, staying outdoors could potentially be harmful to your cat because of dangerous factors such as predators, and exposure to diseases.

Below are some tips you can do to keep your cat happy and stimulated by maximizing the benefits of letting it stay outdoors without the risks:

  • Provide fences, a screened porch or a safe enclosure. Be sure to cat-proof your yard so that your cat could experience the outdoors safely.
  • Buy a harness and train your cat to walk on a leash when going around the neighborhood
  • Install padded perches indoors near a window frame or in your patio so that your pet could enjoy and hang out
  • Consider buying a ready-made cat tree to provide climbing opportunities for your cat inside.
  • Plant cat grass inside your house where your cat can graze

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