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Giving a suitable living space for your cat is essential to your cat’s overall health and well-being.

You should give it a comfortable house with enough space that is enough for your pet’s mental and physical stimulation, pet interaction, and human socialization.

If you only brought home one cat, it may require more contact and place to play. You may need to provide several activities to stimulate its brain and keep it company. However, if you have multiple cats, it will become comfortable easily and will become less stressed.

Your house should be suitable to the needs of however many cats you would want to have. It should be clean and well-maintained to provide a happy and healthy environment for it. You may even need to provide the cat with its own quiet space when it needs to be, this could be its ‘bedroom’ where it could sleep wherever it can.

You should also put the litter box in a private area. Your cat does not want to be ‘exposed’ whenever it needs to go pee or poo. Other than this, your cat should be able to run and walk freely at any time it may want.

Here is a simple checklist that you need to accomplish before bringing your Norwegian Forest Cat at home:

  • Private quiet space
  • A place for the scratching post
  • A space for a quiet, private, and clean litter box
  • An outdoor area
  • Enough floor space for activity, resting, sleeping, defecation, and etc.
  • Item and toys that would stimulate brain function.

Separate spaces to eat and drink.

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