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It is almost impossible to resist the alluring appeal Siberian Huskies have on them. These athletic canines stand out because of how accurate their resemblance is to wolves; amplified with their beautiful glacial blue eyes; and enhanced with their lively joyful demeanor. Indeed, it is love at first sight that even beats the movies. 

Siberian huskies are thickly coated and compact working service dogs (sled dogs) of medium body size and with impressive endurance. Huskies are known for their resilience, friendliness, fastidiousness as well as being dignified. These dogs are distinguished for their powerful but seemingly effortless gait. As born pack dogs; they adore more than anything the thought of family, companionship, and tribe that human and animals benefit from. Siberian Huskies are highly energetic and love all sorts of physical activities, with one foot always on the top of the other; looking for signs to go on the next adventure. 

If you are an experienced canine owner looking for another companion; a Siberian Husky might be the next right choice for you. But of course, what an objective decision it is to do without consulting what are these canines’ pros and cons? In this article you’ll learn, factual advantages, and disadvantages for caring for and raising a Siberian Husky.

Pros or Advantages

A very good-natured breed 

American Kennel Club, perfectly describes the breed as equipped with an agreeable and outgoing temperament. Siberian are friendly, gentle, and calm, They are extremely intelligent, and with these dogs’ easy disposition? Makes them get along with almost all people. 

They are also warm-hearted towards strangers and welcoming of other dogs. It is important to know that these wonderful canines do not commonly display the territorial qualities of guard dogs. They love giving people and animals a benefit of a doubt and a piece of trust, just so auspiciousness and aggressiveness are avoided; if not needed. 

Siberian Huskies are playful and energetic

These dogs are playful and agile beings, storing a lot of stamina. They adore the great outdoors which makes them great, even the best dogs for running, hiking, camping, and biking partners. Because these canines are bred to pull for very long distances, vigorous physical activities, especially during periods of cold weather; are much appreciated by them. Really, an ideal owner for them is one who is an active person; that much these dogs love for the great outdoors. 

Independent and Free-spirited, yup, those are Huskies 

Want a dog breed that is not always at your back? A Siberian Husky might be the perfect dog for you. This dog breed is reserved and dignified, once mature, loyal; but definitely one that is secured with his place in his owner’s home, and heart for that matter. They do well alone, and because of their friendliness, they find entertainment with others besides their owner. 

Siberians are convenient and economical 

Another impressive advantage these canines have is the fact; that they originally came to exist to perform on a minimal amount of food. Indeed, it is not unusual for these dogs to occasionally pass up on eating a meal now and then. Do remember, that while a husky may need less food intake per pound compared to most dog breeds; they are equally deserving of a balanced diet rich in protein as well as fats. 

Clean and Odorless 

Siberian Huskies are very clean, as far as their very nature is concerned. This is a big pro for those who want a canine who does not strongly stink; and smell like a dog. Funnily enough; these dogs are meticulous on caring for their coat, and you’ll often find them leaking themselves; resembling behaviors of a cat. They rarely give off any doggy odors. 

Greatly appealing 

Siberian Huskies’ looks cannot simply be overlooked; it is a crime in the making if that happens. These lovely canines have the most striking coat, erect ears, and a tail that is furred; causing them to tie up together making a wolfish appearance that many individuals find undeniably attractive. These dogs simply look polished and put together, every time. Also, discussing their appearance, they have glacial blue eyes that also add to their already great appeal. What is amazing, is that some Huskies also have awe-inspiring vibrant brown eyes; and with some having brown eyes on the other, and blue on the other one. 

Cons or Disadvantages 

Master escape artists 

Huskies, as we have discussed earlier, have a keen eye for adventures and are always on one foot forward mindset. These dogs really have a reputation for squeezing through the smallest holes, or wrecking and chewing through tie-outs, as well as getting away and running free from doors that are left slightly ajar; and even fiercely running through electric fences. 

If you ever decide to care for one; you have to make an extra mile of an effort to constantly enforce that you are his superior, otherwise you’ll really be facing a hard time. 

Exercise maintenance 

Huskies are undoubtedly the best addition and life enhancer, in the case of active people. However, the opposite is true, if you are a couch potato or are not fond of providing a dog a lot of exercises and mental stimulation is sufficient for one of these dog breeds. 

Huskies love and require a daily dose of exercise, and a great way to do this is through taking them on walks daily, or maybe romps in the yard or exciting play dates with other dogs. Many will also affirm that adding another Husky to their household keeps them entertained and lively. But if all you can provide is occasionally physical and mental stimulation, you two will not progress smoothly and on good terms. 

Sibes do not make reliable guard dogs

If a bad guy tries to go into your humble home, he is surely greeted with a friendly smile and a wagging tail. 

So, Siberian Huskies, are they a yay! Or nay? 

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