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One word that describes Siamese cats is the word “long”. The Siamese cats have the title of cats of extremes. Why? And because it is a long, elegant cat – the head of them is a long triangle, with tall ears that are set on the head that continuous the seemingly triangular effect it possesses. Its attractive nose is also straight, and you guessed it, long. These cats, furthermore, have the legs of a model, and their tails are lengthy, and slender that tapers to a point. Lastly, and their eyes are almond-shaped and with bright ocean blue hue. 

Overall, tying the descriptive looks together with their short glossy coat, that has hues of cream, chocolate, what will be getting is a cat that is so striking, that is indeed elegant. But of course, looks are not enough to keep a cat; at least it’s what we hope, so you’ll do. In this article, you’ll learn the list of the factual pros and cons Siamese cats possess, and this will better equip you in deciding on whether it is a great idea, own one for yourself.

Pros or Advantages 
Siamese cats are very loving 

These cats are really well known for their gentle and affectionate temperament, it’s what makes them suitable for families, especially those with children. Siamese cats are devoted to their owners and are fond of developing deep, comfortable relationships with them. They enjoy both the liveliness and silence, every mood their owner has they can adjust. 

Blinking gently, weaving their tail, purring, bunting as well as rubbing their heads and faces to you are some ways a Siamese cat shows her affection. 

Siamese cats love children 

Tabbies like Siamese cats adore being in the presence of tiny humans. They are the best and calmest cat-sitter you can ask for. Also, they love to get active and play with them, even letting other pets join the fun. 

Siamese cats appreciate having company, and because they are people-oriented, they do well with all ages. People of old ages surprisingly get along with them! Imagine the cuteness already. 

Siamese cats are smart beings. 

They are fond of tricks and are fast learners when it comes to those. Siamese cats are intelligent, much resembling dogs, they can also be trained to walk on a leash, give high five, execute puzzle games successfully, and most wonderful of all, leap through hoops because they have long and slender show-stopping legs. 

Siamese loves sticking to a daily routine 

Are you a person thriving on a scheduled routine and organization? Well, in that case, you will appreciate these cats. Siamese cats are one of the best cats, applauded for their adaptability, and they are capable of adhering to their daily routine strictly. 

They love to do things when it is time, or it is on cue already. You’ll save time as you do not have to keep repeating things over and over again if your cat is this breed. The love familiarity. For instance, when it is let’s say, 1 pm, lunch is over, they will stretch themselves and get ready for their nap, or if they hear the water moving in the tub, it means it’s another washing day for them. 

Siamese cats love to be clean 

Titled as one of the cleanest cats, these tabbies like to allot time cleaning themselves up. When they are eating, owners rarely have a hard time tidying their meal spot, unlike other cats, for instance, Maine Coons that are notorious for messing up their feeding time. 

Siamese also loves to keep their paws crystal clear. These cats do not like to get dirty at all, talk about being prim and proper! 

Siamese cats have low cat grooming needs 

Because of their short-haired coat, they do not need regular grooming maintenance. The least you can do is show up once a week and give them a good old brush. 

Siamese cats are social butterflies 

Siamese cats, because they are people-oriented, do well in front of strangers, be it birthdays, celebrations. They are keen on welcoming others with warmth, they do not bite! They do not mind being picked up, they adore it. 

Cat enthusiasts collectively agree that cats like Siamese will thrive in the homes of large family members and pets as well. 

Siamese cats are very endearing and absolutely beautiful 

Lastly, we cannot really ignore their looks, can we? These cats are very beautiful and charming, move with grace and possess an overall calm yet very sophisticated demeanor. Experts researchers often commend being a cat lover, and often seeing and bonding with cats promote wellness, relieve stress and anxiety, as well as reduce feelings of loneliness.

Cons or Disadvantages 

Siamese cats are a talker 

These cats have a reputation for being talkative and vocal, an attribute that some might find cute and wholesome, while others, yes, may find annoying. They possess a unique low-pitched meow known as the Weezer, and it is persistent and can be heard at almost everything. Siamese cats. Meow when they are happy, thrilled, excited, hungry, want attention, and other scenarios (nearly every scene you can think of). 

Siamese cats can engage in compulsive behavior 

Siamese cats are vulnerable when talking about obsessive behavior. They can engage a lot by continually biting or licking themselves. They may also, such fabrics or participate in pica or non-food intake. Be vigilant and consult your veterinarian in spotting unusual behavior. 


If you are wondering or in shock they only have two disadvantages, it is because these two are the breed – specific ones. Other cons such as stubbornness instances, love of toys, can be needy sometimes, all occur to cats regardless of their breed. You just have to embrace those, both good and bad. Although we can confidently say, Siamese cats are pretty winning cats to own, right? 

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