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Saint Bernard, or Saint Berr, is the best family dog anyone can ask for and is made popular by the Beethoven movie. There is a great possibility that you are considering it because of this fact. These dogs are big, hairy, and slobbery but; they do not become the best and most ideal household dog for nothing. Below are the pros and cons; the perfect guide you can ask for knowing Saint Bernards, to help you in deciding whether you two are compatible. Although spoiler, people and these dogs rarely oppose each other, they are not hard to like! 

Pros or Advantages of Raising Saint Bernard 

Amazing people dogs

Saint Bernard are at their best and happiest state when they are with their favorite humans. They are clingy and fun if they are showered with attention. These big and hairy dogs love quality time, cuddling, and being active. They also are the friendliest and most adaptive in social situations; and love to foster relationships with their owner’s loved ones. Do not be fooled into thinking that you may pet a Saint that is half asleep on your feet; and if you get up they will not bother moving. Before you know it, your dog is energized following, trying to get on whatever it is you wanted to do. 

Naturally adorable and fun, one where you’ll never get bored when you have them around. Saint Bernards; because they love people, will do everything there is to do to keep their favorite people in a light mood. They are goofy, and whatever action they take, they seemingly make it so entertaining. Saint Bernards being adorable extends to their capacity to be emotionally intelligent. If you are happy, except one of them to enhance that emotion; if you are sad, expect to laugh out loud, and if you are feeling unwanted or down; expect your very own to convince you otherwise. 


These dogs are very affectionate, especially with their owners, that is why it makes them a great ideal companion. They love cuddle sessions, they love to wag their tails to you; they feel calm when you leave but absolutely delighted on their feet when you come back, and they love to wait eagerly for you to come home. 

Interestingly, Saint Bernards’ most prominent showcasing of love lies in staring at their owners for a long time. There’s the saying, they do not hug with their arms, rather, with their eyes. Because of their loving nature, they also make great babysitters. They are equally affectionate for children, as well as the elderlies; no wonder they are the best family dog to exist. 

Quiet, Good-natured, and relaxed temperament

With their big frame, you might be assuming they bark loud; are overly energetic, and throw lots of unnecessary noises when either happy, sad, hungry, or annoyed; which are all typical stereotypes for big dogs. But, Saint Bernards are quiet, they do not bark excessively, and they do not like to show much of their different emotions through noises. This is advantageous for those who reside in an apartment; as you will not be facing headaches for neighbors who are intolerant of dogs.

Easily trainable, and they make good guard dogs. 

Discipline is the most advantageous trait of Saint Bernard, because of this; with their innate intelligence, they are able to be easily trainable. With training, Saint Bernard are able to communicate with their owner better; helps them to be more adaptive to their environment, aids in diminishing aggressiveness and negative behaviors; and more importantly, lead to lasting loyalty and companionship. 

Cons or Disadvantages of Raising Saint Bernard 

Can be difficult at grooming 

Saints are long-haired, and grooming can be positive and negative depending on one’s tolerance of it. These dogs need frequent grooming, above regular, and this exists all year round. Grooming is essential for your dog’s coat to preserve its healthy condition and for the avoidance of ingesting it; and causing fur balls that unfortunately and inevitably lead to various digestive problems. 

Their size can be a challenge 

Saint Berrs are massive dogs, meaning they need upsizing of all dog equipment. Because of their frame; bathing them can also be a challenge as they are heavy to navigate, they also wheeze, snort, snore; and flatulence often, and they are all quite noisy and can stutter other people. They can acquire a doggy odor, if they are not bathed and groomed regularly and in doing so; needs an investment of both time and extra money as opposed to other dog breeds. 

Might acquire separation anxiety if not supplemented with constant attention 

It’s no secret that Saint Berrs has lots of great behavioral characteristics in them, most of which are discussed in their pros earlier, but it comes with a cost. If they are left alone, within minutes, they can be sad already, and go into destructive behaviors such as being irrationally noisy and chaotic in the house. They need constant attention or validation that people in the household want them. But to be fair, Saint Berrs gets easily cheerful just by quietly observing their owner. Well, they are that clingy. 

Not really suited in warm and humid weather. 

Saint Bernards thrive naturally in cold weather, meaning they are in need of air conditioning. This is because their big size, top offered by their long coats, provides discomfort in a hot environment. If not supplemented with a nice cold and breezy surrounding, you’ll face consequences of health conditions, such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps as well as heatstroke. 


A big dog would not hurt, especially if you are choosing a Saint Bernard dog breed whose size is as large as its cuteness and its appealing personality. May this be the yes you are looking for towards the beginning of your petting journey with one of these gentle giants! 

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