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When you are to look for absolutely, unfailingly perfect, amazing, full of love; with a great work ethic; and a deep eagerness to protect its human family dog, one breed will surely come out of every dog enthusiasts’ mouths. This is, none other than a Rottweiler. Famed because of their winning set of traits, this breed has topped in being one of the most popular; and well-approved family dogs. While You searching for their pros and cons, you must really care about double-checking the hype and fame; and you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of caring for a Rottweiler dog to aid you in raising them.

Pros or Advantages 

Rottweilers are great and reliable guard dogs 

Needless to say, the best guard dogs are made up of this breed, apart from being outstanding companions. Rottweilers stand out to any other breeds as they do not just bark when they feel threatened; they stay, instead of running, they have the courage in face of fear. It comes as no surprise why this dog is also the earliest; and most relevant up to this day police dog and serves in honor in the military. 

They are strong, courageous, powerful, muscular, and agile. They can deter burglars quickly from entering your compound. The great aggression can be seen in them when they attack. These dogs are quick learners and easy to train, that smoothly follow instructions and perform them to perfection.  Moreover, they are so confident and always love to please and make their owners proud and fond of them. 

They have a longer lifespan 

When you have a dog whom you loved for a long time; and one day he dies, and you lose a part of your life with them. An average lifespan of an ordinary dog is between 6 and 10 years; while Rottweiler, goes double as they live between 12 and 18 years. Rottweilers are usually healthy and mostly disease-free breed thus their longevity; however, everything depends on the care of the dog itself. 

To increase and ensure the long lifespan of your very own, make sure you feed them with a healthy, balanced, optimum diet. In addition to this, early spaying or neutering of a rottweiler is found to cause health issues like bone cancer, so you must wait a few years. This is validated according to the research that female Rottweilers can live significantly longer if they were not spayed early on in their life. 

Rottweilers are easy to train 

Rottweilers need measured, consistent training from an early age that will aid in good adjustment to the family he belongs to and can be an excellent canine citizen in years to come. They are significantly smarter and quicker learners that makes them effortless to train. 

These dogs thrive when commands are simple, understandable, and rewarding, as these three positively reinforce and poster those behaviors you want to see in your dog. They rarely get aggressive, they are docile, mild, and foster a calm demeanor amidst being active. You’ll surely not get a headache. 

Excellent and faithful family companion 

Rottweilers early on have grown to have a bad reputation with many families with children. Contrary to the claim, these dogs are good-natured gods who are affectionate with their family and always love to be with them all the time. They are also outstanding with children as they are very friendly if they are trained well. 

Opposite to being dangerous, they are too gentle and said to be protective, loyal, and loving to their family. These dogs are social butterflies as well and have grown to be approachable dogs for friends and strangers alike. 

They are easy to care for 

For a large dog, a Rottweiler is surprisingly fairly easy to keep and maintain. These dogs are easy to groom because they have short hair, they have strong immunity, they have a lower risk of obesity, and they do not have any other specialized treatment. With an exception, as they like being active that can be done with regular playing and walks to the neighborhood, They do not mind being alone, so long they are stimulated and relaxed. 

Cons or Disadvantages 
Rottweilers can grow rebellious if trained poorly 

As they are confident dogs, they can be rebellious. This means that from the puppy stage, you must pour in patience, time, commitment, consistency, and plenty of positive reinforcement in your training. 

As an owner, you are to start training your very own at his younger age if you want to control him. You also must socialize with him, with other people and dogs. These two will keep him under control. An everyday walk or run can also keep their head cool and relaxed, fostering a calm, docile and mild dog for years to come. 

They are an expensive breed 

Rottweilers are one of the most expensive dog breeds, ranging from a whopping $2000- $8000. This is because of the dog’s effectiveness and accounting for the oldest dog breed to exist. 

The price depends on the quality of a Rottweiler, meaning breeders look into things such as temperament, physical state, and genetics. This is why breeders put in a lot of effort for these dogs to grow strong and are less likely to acquire diseases. 

You are to dedicate a lot of time to be with your Rottweiler 

This is because you have to mold him at a very young age to grow him up with the perfect temperament. This dog breed requires a lot of time, so they really belong to people who are assertive or have the luxury of time to dedicate to training and guidance. If you are a busy person and doubt 200% showing up for this dog, you might want to reconsider. 

Rottweilers sure are charming dogs, but with their naturally strong, active, and courageous demeanor, would you consider owning one? Even if they do not generally fall under the naturally gentle dog breeds? Something to think about.

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