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Owning a Saint Bernard has its own pros and cons, it’s not a perfect dog but its unique characteristics can match yours which can make them a perfect companion for you.  So if you’re one of those people who has fallen for the charm of the Saint Bernard, it would be wise to get to know more about having them as a pet and the best way to help you decide is to learn their good side and the not so good side about them so that you’ll know what you will be dealing with. In this section you will find a list of the advantages and disadvantages for the Saint Bernard breed.

Pros for the Saint Bernard Breed

  • Naturally adorable and fun, you will never get bored when you have them around
  • Great watch dogs because of their size and alertness
  • Generally gentle and friendly with everyone they meet
  • Affectionate and loving especially with their owners which makes them great companions
  • Does not bark excessively
  • Adaptable
  • Suited for apartment living even if they’re huge, because they’re quite dogs
  • Not fussy – calm and easygoing
  • Can follow orders and easy to take anywhere and no need to worry too much about getting easily hurt; not wild
  • Generally likes to keep themselves clean

Cons for the Saint Bernard Breed

  • Not so easy to groom, they have a thick coat so you may need some time and money to maintain it
  • May need regular exercise
  • Prone to health issues
  • Does not do well when left alone, needs constant attention, suffers from separation anxiety
  • Has a tendency to become (too) clingy
  • Not suited for warm and humid weather, needs air-conditioning; Saint Bernard thrived naturally in cold weathers
  • Must tolerate wheezing, snorting, snoring, slobbering and gassiness
  • Acquires doggy odor if not bathed regularly

In summary, more expensive and high maintenance than other breeds in several aspects

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