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When it comes to pros and cons of ringneck parakeets, you need to consider various factors such as the personality of the bird, temperament, who raised them, genetics, the cost of keeping one. etc. The pros and cons of ringneck parakeets are important before you decide on keeping one. The information listed below is the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Ringneck Parakeets:


  • Personality: They are energetic, playful and very intelligent
  • Appearance: Very colorful and appealing to the eyes
  • Noise:  They have a high but sweet and clear voices
  • Cost: They are not that expensive compare to other birds; low maintenance
  • Speaking Ability: They can speak very well and a  quick learner
  • Impact on Humans:  You will find yourself constantly learning about these creatures. It will be an educational experience for you!


  • Personality: They are quite difficult to tame and likes to bite.
  • Damage to Your Home: Untrained Ringnecks could potentially chew your electric wires which could cause fires in the house. Do not leave them out of the cage and unattended.
  • Behavior: Ringnecks tend to get jealous with other birds or family members; prone to attacking other pets and people if they feel threatened. Socializing your bird is highly recommended to avoid jealousy and aggression.
  • Noise: Ringnecks are natural screamers and can be quite noisy at times. They love to screech too much

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