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When it comes to ringneck parakeets behavior, there is actually no general rule when introducing your pet parrot with other types or species of birds, sometimes they’ll get along, sometimes they won’t.
When it comes to Ringneck Parakeets, it is ideal to introduce your parrot with its own kind. In this article, you’ll learn about ringneck parakeets behavior with other pets.

Ringneck tend to get along well with other ringneck parrot. Of course, you can introduce other types of birds but do so with caution so that they could easily warm up with their new feathered friend.

Young ringnecks often get along with other birds because they are still vulnerable to change and can adapt easily as long as you train them to accept new members.   

Ringnecks, like other birds are highly individual, experts suggest that the best behaved parakeets are those who were exposed to lots of change in the environment and the ones who was trained to socialize with people because they become more adjusted.

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