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Burmese Python is one of the largest snakes to exist in the world, yet, they are one of the most popular pet snakes to own, with some preaching that it can be a beginner pet snake. Today, we are going to learn all the things, and essential information that will help you in knowing them better, and if you are planning to pet one, the following topics might interest you in actually doing so. Let us begin. 

Burmese Python: Profile

They have earned the title, gentle giant. They are non-venomous massive snakes but are surprisingly submissive around expert owners. Yes, Burmese Python is not meant to be a beginner pet snake, contrary to what others might preach. 

Describing their physical characteristics, they are known for their great snakeskin. It is dark-colored with many brown patches bordered with black throughout its body. Moreover, people are pleased with their apparently easy-going nature. 

They have a rapid growth rate and often range from 6ft and 11 in in length in a year if they are well fed and properly taken care of. Reaching the age of four, they are completely an adult and will from then on start to grow slowly, up until their average life expectancy of twenty years. 

Being classified as submissive snakes, they are very, very powerful. They are capable of inducing severe and extremely painful bites and even killing people by constriction. 

What Burmese Pythons should have? 

Burmese pythons should have, and be handled by expert snake pet owners that are willing to always be proactive at all times, and are really prepared and confident to deal with its massive size and powerful aura. They should be focused, diligent, strong, and are one hundred percent serious about petting a Burmese python. In addition to that, a very responsible one. 

If you are one, then I believe that you should continue reading. 

What makes Burmese pythons stand out? 

Most snake enthusiasts are fascinated about how infrequently their feeding takes place. The feeding process might be in the span of several weeks, or even months, and the food they will consume can be as big as they are. After feeding them, you can see for yourself how their size immediately becomes double as before. It fascinates those who own it. 

How do you take care of it?

1.Keep in mind that Burmese pythons are ground dwellers. Their cage or enclosure should be much longer and wider than it is being taller. 

  • Baby burmese pythons should have an enclosure of at least 3 ft x 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft.
  • Adult burmese pythons should have an enclosure of at least 5 ft x 5 ft x 10 ft.

For the enclosure of the two, there has to be at least one side of their tank to be glass and a solid enclosure on the top to prevent the probability of them escaping. 

24/7, they should have access to safe drinking water and they should be provided logs and branches in their enclosure, to mimic their natural habitat and to have a place where they can peacefully hide. 

2.They strive best in a warm, humid environment. Burmese python needs to be in 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity of 60%. Their tank should have 14 hours of light and 10 hours of darkness. 

3.Burmese pythons should eat every two weeks, and their foods should be the same width as they are. 

  • Baby burmese pythons typically eat pinky mices.
  • Juvenile pythons typically eat several mices and small rabbits.
  • Adult burmese pythons typically eat whole chickens and large rabbits. 

The Pros and Cons of petting a Burmese python

Their pros

  • They are beautiful and amusing. Their snakeskin patterns are really attractive, together with their massive sizes. 
  • They are very docile. They are submissive, happy and will be comfortable with their owners, when they are properly handled. 
  • Burmese python are very low maintenance. They rarely eat, they are certainly clean and are quiet in their tank. They can be left alone, and will turn out fine since they are not fond of socialization. 
  • These snakes live a very long life. Having a snake can mean having a unique companion, and those companionship can last up to twenty years of age. Compared to our typical pet, you will be spending a good long time thus finding yourself having a unique long-term friend. 

Their cons

  • They need a lot of space. Since they can grow into really large sizes, they need a tank that they will feel comfortable, safe and secured. This can take up a lot of space in your house, it is important for you to have a wide space for their habitats for them to not interfere with your personal life. 
  • Their owners need to be experienced, and are smart with snakes. When they have a bad day, they can be aggressive. Although non-venomous, they can exert tremendous force via strangling. Unfortunate cases of owners mishandling them died of suffocations. They are really in need of an experienced, expert pet snake owner who is certain about their credentials to own a burmese python. 


Burmese pythons are gentle giants that need to have experienced, confident owners. They make a good pet for them and will be the safest and secure around them. Moreover, they can be a great addition to snake enthusiasts! 

If you are one, then we are encouraging you to go for raising a Burmese python and embark on a safe petting journey with them. Responsible pet ownership will always prevail and we are urging you to practice doing so. 

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