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What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Snakes make good pet pythons as long as you choose an ideal type for your experience level as well as pick a healthy reptile. What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Your snake requires a safe, properly sized cage made from an ideal material, as well as it has to close with a correct cover. There are numerous different types of substrate you can make use of in the cage to bed your serpent. What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Think about the pros and disadvantages of each and also choose the very best type for your pet python’s needs.


What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Newspaper is preferred for snake bedding due to the fact that it’s conveniently available. You can often get it absolutely free, as well as it’s simple to alter when your pet soils it. A snake cannot conveniently tunnel in paper, so it’s ideal for species that do not delve naturally. It’s not a particularly attractive kind of substrate, but it’s excellent for tight budget plans.

Paper Towels

Like paper, paper towels make great snake bed linen due to the fact that they’re absorbent and very easy to get rid of when soiled. When you clean your snake’s cage, merely eliminate the towels and also replace them with brand-new ones. They’re most ideal for serpents that do not delve.


What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Sand is an extra cosmetically pleasing substrate for snakes than paper or paper towels. You can acquire it at family pet stores in a wide range of shades to fit into your ornamental plan.

Snakes can tunnel in sand, yet it’s poor for your snake if the sand is ingested. Consumed sand triggers impaction and grains of sand can obtain under the snake’s ranges. This bed linens also gets soiled really rapidly as well as need to be entirely replaced. Weigh its aesthetic appeal against the possible problems.


Carpets is a suitable substrate for non-burrowing snakes. It’s low-cost if you make use of remnants, however you’ll require at the very least 2 items of an appropriate dimension to fit in the cage. One piece of carpet can remain in the cage while you wash the various other. Carpets obtains stained rapidly, so you need to do frequent launderings.

Artificial Turf

What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Like carpeting, synthetic grass works well if you have numerous pieces so you can place a clean item in your snake’s cage while cleaning the dirtied one. This material is extremely simple to tidy. It’s additionally long lasting as well as lasts a very long time, although its appearance deteriorates from repeated washing.

Although snakes can’t delve in this kind of bed linen, it has a tendency to be comfortable for them since it simulates genuine grass. Obtain a big item at a house improvement shop and also sufficed down into several smaller sized squares that fit your family pet’s cage.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is a comfortable substratum for snakes. They can dig around in the compost and it retains moisture perfectly. It’s eye-catching as well as has a not frustrating yet pleasurable scent. This mulch is economical and also conveniently available at garden shops. You do have to get rid of all the mulch to thoroughly cleanse the cage.

What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Always bake cypress mulch in your stove for half a hr prior to using it as serpent substratum. This eliminates any type of mites or various other insects that may be living amongst the chips.

Aspen Shavings

Although cedar as well as pine shavings are not suitable for use in snake cages, aspen shavings make an excellent substrate. Utilize these shavings with smaller sized serpents and also those that do not require high humidity. The shavings get musty from way too much dampness, and also particles can obtain under a huge snake’s ranges on its belly, which creates inflammation.

You can easily get aspen shavings at Amazon, Chewy or pet stores considering that they’re a popular bedding kind for several kinds of pets, consisting of pocket family pets like rabbits, rats, mice as well as guinea pigs.

Coconut Fiber

What are the best bedding for your Burmese Python snake? Coconut fiber bed linen is a comfy, soft fiber bed linen for snakes and various other reptiles. It has all-natural odor battling properties, as well as it’s a “green” material that lets snakes burrow. You can easily find it in pet python stores or on Amazon.com, sold by brand names like Coco Soft and Coco Bed Linens to name a few.

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