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For you to sort out upstanding breeders from those who aren’t, you need to be a keen observer and to ask the correct questions. Breeders who are only in it for the money will show no regard for the future well-being of the pup. They will not inquire about the family it will eventually be joining. It will not investigate if the home the pup is going to is a home that will care for the bouvier des flandres. They are interested in one thing only and that is you forking over the cash.

Criteria to Rule Out Shady Breeders

On the other hand, breeders of the upstanding kind will not only be open to answering questions you may have about their selection and mating methods but they would keep a records of the milestones along the way. In addition to this;

  • They would be concerned about the family and home of which the pup will be part.
  • They will determine if you are a sound and able guardian to this magnificent beast.
  • Breeders of good repute will inquire of the bouviers imminent role in your family.
  • Most of them would be interested about the space you have for it.
  • Breeder’s that determine that the humans who are taking in the bouvier pup are aware of the challenges and rewards of sharing home and life with a bouvier des flanders.
  • Breeders want to ensure that the young bouvier is going to be part of a family who will extend it respect, friendship kindness, and unconditional love.
  • Most will be curious to find out if you have sought the services of an efficient and certified vet.
  • These breeders would be ready to offer a guarantee.
  • They would gladly give information about the dam and sire.
  • They would also be able to give recommendations of effectively caring for them.
  • Breeders of good standing will welcome you to their facilities.
  • These breeders make sure that you are part of the breeding process from onset to the day they hand over your healthy bouvier.
  • Seek out breeders who screen their breeding canines to later deem the breeding lot fit and healthy to produce offspring. Determine that the mating dogs are free of genetic diseases which can be inherited by future puppy generations. Knowing the history of both sire and bitch to make sure no congenital or inherited diseases later plague the litter of pups. Make sure that the mating pair is of sound temperament, calm and relaxed.

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