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The compact Shih Tzu is another ideal companion that is perfectly a match made in heaven for people of bubbly personality. Originally bred for royalty in the country of China, these little pooches believe in themselves that they are the princes and princesses among the god community. They are all a true sweetheart, with a life purpose of loving, and wanting to be loved in return. Moreover, they have a perfect balance of playful and mischievous personally, that unfailingly will light up your day.  Should you buy one of these lovely dogs, it is important that all your questions will find peace in their accurate and factual answers. Behold, as you are on the right consulting site. In this article, you’ll learn about these lovely pooches!

Shih Tzu being hypoallergenic, is this a fact? 

No, these dogs are not entirely hypoallergenic. Although they shed very little and are generally, as said by veterinarians and physicians alike, safe for people from allergy problems, they may still be alarming on those with extreme dog allergies. It is best to consult a physician if you suffer from an allergy dilemma, but a tip we can leave you is that: consistent brushing and grooming will minimize the rate at which your dog will shed, and this, in turn, will trigger fewer allergy concerns. Moreover, it aids in keeping their coat healthy, shiny, and clean. 

I do not have prior experience with dog-raising, can I still own a Shih Tzu? 

A big yes! Shih Tzus are a wonderful choice for those who want to venture into dog caring. These dogs are a great first dog for those lacking experience in raising and maintaining pooches, as a Shih Tzu can make you knowledgeable, in fact, an expert in the making in that field. This breed is moderately easy-going in nature and because of its cute small size, low exercise needs, decent trainability, fast adaptability, and low grooming requirements, any person who is a novice or first-time will thrive caring for one of them. 

What is the shedding status of Shih Tzus

The shedding status of these lovely canines is low, they shed very little. Generally, Shih Tzus have a title for being minimal sheds. They only shed their bold hair in a fairly insignificant amount. An excellent breed for those people who might be allergic to canine dander is what they have known to become. 

Because of its small size, when is a Shih Tzu full-grown? 

Shih Tzu dogs reach peak adulthood at around 10 months of age, this is faster compared to many dog breeds. Toy dog breeds, Shih Tzus, have grown into adults faster than most other dog breeds. Furthermore, with a regular wholesome diet, they put on the actual grown-up weight until two years of age. 

Do Shih Tzus have the wits? 

Honestly, no. Shih Tzus are not very intelligent dogs. This is because they exhibit some kind of stubbornness and disobedient nature. But, they excel in having appreciable character, these as lovely as their physical attribute dogs can understand human emotions quickly! How sweet of them, and also more importantly, with positive consistent training, you’ll make one good smart dog in your very own Shih Tzu. 

Quick, how do we pronounce Shih Tzu? 

Shih Tzu translates “Little lion” into Mandarin. It is pronounced as “sheet+zoo” 

What can you expect from a Shih Tzu? What is a typical personality Shih Tzus are known for? 

Shih Tzu dogs are exceptionally friendly, affectionate, playful, and very people-oriented. Dissecting them one by one, Shih Tzus are extroverted and very social creatures. They love to be the center or the life of every party they go to. They are welcoming of other people and other animals such as other dogs and cats as well. These dogs are wonderful in lighting their owner’s mood as well as all of their favorite people, they are the sweetest.

One way of them showing affection is their really cute tail wagging and patience in waiting for you to come home, and as you’re out and approach your house, they will run the fastest to welcome you. Moreover, they like to play! Fetch is one of their favorites, as well as running around! They are very appreciative of toys as well. Lastly, they are very people-oriented. They are fond of people, and you will not have a hard time trying to form a connection with them. They make a great faithful companion, and this goes in all ages. These dogs both adore the old and the young. 

How do I provide my Shih Tzu, the best care possible? 

As owners, or soon to be, it all boils down to your capability of meeting safety, comfort, health, and happiness. Your veterinarian, yourself, your family, and maybe even your friends got your back, and you’ll never fail so long as you are dedicated and serious about it. You’ll do great with a loving heart! And a caring soul. 


Shih Tzus are indeed a fascinating ball of sunshine, I mean, who would not fall for their cuteness. I hope you have reached enlightenment for every question that was clearly answered, and we wish you a great time, raising one a fine and lovely Shih Tzu, as soon as you wish and as soon as you’re ready. 

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