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Chihuahuas are generally a healthy dog breed, however, like any other canine, they are predisposed to illnesses which is why you must be aware that your dog is healthy so that it won’t be difficult to take care of them.

Keeping an eye for early signs of medical problems of your dog is of utmost importance; it could save you a lot of stress, time and money in the long run – not to mention your dog’s health. This section will give you information if your Chihuahua dog is healthy to keep.

•    Check its Body and Overall Appearance

You should be doing a full body check on your potential dog. You can gently run your hand over all the parts of the dog’s body and check for cuts, lumps, inflammation and any signs of discomfort.

•    Observe on their walking/activities

Watch the way the dogs move and how it interacts with other puppies. Observe how he walks and runs. Does he ever seem stiff? Get easily tired? Or have a limp? Excessive panting and coughing may also indicate problems

•    Check their weight

The Chihuahua should not be obese or underweight for its size. If you think the pups are too fat or too thin then that means the breeders are not properly feeding them.

•    Check their mouth

Check your potential dog’s mouth for anything out of the ordinary. Gums must be pink. If you see darker/redder patches, it may indicate a problem. You must also check for growths and lumps, and make sure that the teeth are clear. Observe also their breath as unusually bad breath could be an indication of digestive problems.

•    Check their eyes

Eyes of dogs should be clear and the pupils should be of the same size. Check for ingrowing hair or eye lashes that look like it’s causing a problem. Make sure also that there is no excessive discharge or signs of irritation.

•    Check their nose and ears

The nose of dogs should be cool and moist. Keep an eye out for excessive sneezing, discharge and make sure that breathing is unobstructed and easy. You should also check the ears of the dog for wax build-up, bad odor, and swelling.

•    Check their private area

Lastly, check if their private parts don’t have any signs of swelling or redness to ensure that they don’t have any reproductive problems or internal problems.

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