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Manx cats on average can live for up to 13 years and more!! These breed are long time companions, and its longevity highly depends on how your chosen breeders took care of them especially when they were young.

This section will give you simple tips on how you can spot a healthy Manx cat or kitten that you can keep for life!

a.) Signs of a Healthy Cat

  • Behavior: Manx should be active and playful, and loves to interact with people or with other pets
  • Body Appearance: Kittens should not have difficulty in moving, otherwise they could be ill. Examine the kitten’s body for signs of any illness and potential injury
  • Coat: The texture of the kittens coat should be smooth and un-matted. Look for any signs of fleas or any other pests within its coat.
  • Eyes: The eyes should be clear and bright with no discharge. Also check the kitty’s “haws” or third eyelids, they should not protrude.
  • Ears: The ears should be clean and clear with no discharge such as wax or filmy material or signs of inflammation.
  • Mouth & Teeth: Check the kitten’s gums for any sign of bleeding or inflammation. A kitten should have a pink mouth and white teeth.
  • Anal Area: The anal area should be clean and non-  

      matted.  Try lifting the kitten’s tail gently and look for 

      any signs of diarrhea.

  • Belly or Stomach: Look out for a distended or swollen tummy area. Also make sure there are no lumps because it is a sign of hernia.
  • Ability: Find a kitten that can run or walk normally, and does not have any mobility issues.
  • Dealing with Humans: Pick up the kitten and hold him to see how he responds to human contact.

Once you’ve chosen your healthy Manx kitten or cat, ask the breeder about the next steps. Do not take the kitten home if it isn’t at least 8 weeks old and unless it has been fully weaned and eating solid food. Any reputable breeder will not try to sell you a kitten that isn’t already weaned or at least 8 weeks old.

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