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Is Scottish Fold the right pet for me? The upkeep and maintenance of a Scottish Fold is minimal apart from its initial inoculation and periodical medical checkups, food and cat supplies and equipment. Is Scottish Fold the right pet for me? You need to be certain you have all bases covered before you bring home your Scottish Fold to ensure a happy, healthy and comfortable transition to its new home. In this article, you’ll learn Is Scottish Fold the right pet for me?

Is Scottish Fold the right pet for me: Social Behavior

Mild – tempered and sociable, if a Scottish Fold displays aloofness or is skittish then it may have experienced abuse and or neglect from its previous owners. You may have to invest a bit more of time in integrating your new pet if this is the case. But with loving patience and a little bit of time, your new cat will understand and see you mean only good toward it and will warm up to you. Remember they are happiest and thrive best in a loving environment.


If you can check it in its present living conditions, do so. Have a see that the cat can walk well, is mobile and not in any way display signs of pain. Swelling of limbs is a telltale sign of osteopathy.  If you choose to adopt one with some sort of injury or genetic condition then you should also be aware that you will be committing to medical bills and frequent visits to the vet.


Scottish Folds tend to develop arthritis on their tail as they age. You’d easily know if the cat indeed suffers from it by lightly stroking its tail with the ball of your hand. Be gentle, should you need to test if it does show discomfort or pain. Gently, with almost feathered strokes, run the ball of your palm up and down their tail. If it does not avoid your touch or show agitation, the cat should be fine. If it does, your vet would be the best person to talk to about medication and care.

Cat – friendly Pet Interaction

It will be necessary that you are present when you initially introduce the new addition to your family. Allow your new Scottish Fold buddy to roam and discover spaces around the house on its own hand, if allowed, supervise excursions out on your yard. When introducing new pets to existing members of the family, make time for this milestone. This period will need the investment of a fraction of your time if done thoughtfully. Remember that there are some pets which are hostile toward others. You can avoid this situation and research if your present pet is a cat-friendly one. Your gentle patience will be rewarded with many years of loving, grateful affection.


Scottish Folds have moderate appetites. Do not make the mistake of over feeding them as their genetic weakness falls on their limbs and may lead them to develop mobility problems and be in extreme pain.

Body Appearance

Examine and scrutinize the fur, body, ears, and legs of the cat. Remember to be very gentle with its tail. Extreme and rough handling of its tail will cause medical issues to the cat.


Gently look for ticks or fleas that the cat may exhibit. Scottish Folds have different fur length


Ideally, the cat’s skin should be free from fungus patches and bald spots. If you choose to take on one it is best to have it confined and treated before introduction to your family and other possible pets you may have.


The round, expressive eyes of your Scottish Fold should be discharge free, clear and bright. Scottish Fold cats have the most expressive eyes that will be hard to refuse once your sights catch each other.


Ears are to be wax free and clean. You want to watch out for tiny nicks or wounds that may get infected as well. It is imperative that the Scottish Folds ears are kept pristine to avoid ear infections. Be gentle when cleaning.

Mouth and Teeth

Watch for any deformities or abnormalities like protruding teeth.

Belly or Stomach

Check for swollenness or lumps around the belly area.

Anal Area

Once again, and this is something stressed all the time when choosing to take in or buy a Scottish Fold, gently lift its tail to check its anal area that it is clean.

Is Scottish Fold the right pet for me? Upstanding breeders only release Scottish Fold kittens at 12 weeks. It is strongly advised though that separation from mother is best kept off until the kitten has weaned off its mother. Hold off until the kitten is ready to eat solid kitten food until you take your home.

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