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You can expect a Corgi breed to live between 10 and 13 years provided that he/she is properly taken care of. It is quite realistic to expect that a Corgi mix breed would have the same long life span and possibly a little longer because small, mixed breed canines on average have slightly longer life expectancy. Keep in mind though that it isn’t just about longevity, but also about quality of life.  There are dogs with Intervertebral Disc Disease that can live long but painful lives – you wouldn’t want that to happen to your pet Corgi. This article will provide you information about the Corgi mix breed, where to acquire one, and the advantages and caveat of owning one. 

Corgi Mix Breeders

Corgis in general have heritable health issues, which is why it is very important to acquire a corgi mix from a reputable breeder. However, this can sometimes be harder to do with a mixed breed, especially one that has become fashionable because many puppy mills jump on the bandwagon and breed unhealthy dogs in order to earn a quick buck. You will need to be sure the breeder willingly allows you to meet and interact with both parent dogs so you can learn more about their temperament, health and genetic backgrounds.

Finding a Corgi Mix Breeder

When it comes to finding a Corgi mix breed one must keep in mind that he/ she is open and honest with you about all known genetic health issues in the lineage. They must also provide you with proof of all required vaccinations and any genetic testing done. Usually, a reputable breeder can show you the proof that both parent dogs have been tested for eye, hip and other known genetic issues and have passed the tests. The breeder must also give you an initial guarantee of health lasting at least six to twelve months. Most of them will allow a prospective owner to meet and spend time with both parent dogs, and if ever things don’t work out they will usually agree to take the puppy back. Most of them will also volunteers to provide you with client references and testimonials.

Meeting the Corgi parent is essential because the temperament can be passed down. If you get to meet the parent/s you can at least ensure that they are relaxed in your company and not snappy or aggressive – if they are their offspring will most likely show the same traits.

Corgi Mix Pups

It is impossible to predict which traits from either parent will show up in a particular puppy from their litter and it mainly due to the height, weight, color, health and temperament differences between the two parent dogs.

Genetic Issues

Many of the heritable health conditions associated with Corgi breeds are serious and often long-term conditions requiring ongoing and expensive veterinary care. Some of the most serious heritable health conditions can also be severely life – limiting or fatal. Obviously, genetic testing won’t predict personality and temperament issues, which is why we highly recommend that you spend time with both parent dogs and get a feel for how their traits may show up in a puppy. At the end though, you will just have to trust your gut to make the final choice. Many people wouldn’t buy a corgi mix puppy because they don’t want to risk this cross mating due to the spinal problems inherent in corgis.

Corgi Mix Offspring

There is a way to ensure you get a Corgi mix breed dog without encouraging the production of offspring that suffer from dwarfism, and that is to adopt rather than purchase a puppy from a breeder. When you choose Corgi mix adoption, you will most likely be adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy. Depending upon their age, this can also be a good way to ensure your dog has not inherited certain early onset genetic health issues plus you can get a much better sense of your Corgi’s temperament and personality and not put up with undesirable traits such as excessive barking, aggression or biting. Most of all, when you rescue a Corgi mix dog you give a displaced dog a family and a fresh start in life. Isn’t that awesome?

Is a Corgi Mix the right dog for me?

There is no doubt that Corgi mix puppies are oh – so – cute! However, your goal is to look beyond puppy cuteness to choose a Corgi mix who can be your best friend and perhaps a life companion! Keep in mind though that Corgi mixes are not suited to homes with very young children because they may nip or bite them.

Health Problems

They can also have potentially lots of health problems. A corgi mix may suffer from dwarfism which can cause painful spinal problems so in order to reduce the possibility of temperament or health issues, it’s prudent to meet the parents, check health certifications and throw yourself in to socialization when your pup is young, or better yet adopt a corgi mix from a rescue or shelter.

Temperament of a Mixed Breed

Even when it’s a mixed breed you just never know what kind of adult they are going to be but one thing is for sure they will exhibit almost the same traits as a purebred Corgi. Corgi mix just like a purebred doesn’t need or even want miles of running exercise but they must have walks at least twice a week and enough space like a fenced yard in which to stretch their legs and romp. Just as important as physical exercise is mental exercise which means you need to create interesting activities to keep boredom at bay. And since they are farm dogs, it is quite natural for them to drive away strange dogs. Don’t be surprise if you see a Corgi mix bark at other dogs and cats they don’t know. These mix – breed pets in general are smart which means they do have an independent mind of their own though they can be quite manipulative which is why you must show them that you are the “alpha.”


Make sure that you have daily visitors to the home when you get your puppy as this will be your way of introducing them to new people and places. We advise you to start socializing them from eight weeks to fourteen weeks old because from this point forward the socialization window will start to close although regular encounters will still help. This is why it’s important to dedicate yourself to your Corgi mix puppy’s familiarity with strangers during their first few weeks. 

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