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When it comes to socializing your new kitten; the first weeks of a kitten’s life can determine his temperament for the rest of his life. Socializing your new kitten means having a confident, well-adjusted Siberian cat who isn’t afraid of people, of other pets, and of the strange sights and sounds you might find inside your home.  Otherwise, all you’ll be getting is a constantly stressed out cat. In this article, you’ll learn how you can start socializing your new kitten.

Period of Socialization

Socialization takes place early – from the 2nd up until the 12th weeks of age.  Many of the things he will learn will come from his mother; but some of it will also come from the breeder. Constant, gentle handling for short periods of time early. This will help him be accustomed to the presence and handling of humans.  And yet at the same time; it is important not to separate him from his mother too early – many breeders don’t do so until the kitten reaches 12 weeks.  Any earlier and you will have a kitten who hasn’t fully learned; what it means to socialize with his mother and his siblings, and likely hasn’t learned to groom himself; or even how to use a litter.  You’ll likely end up bringing home a kitten with anti-social behavior, separation anxiety, and even poor litter box habits. 

But while it is recommended that you handle kittens gently and regularly in their first few weeks; neither should you do so for too long periods of time.  It is quite possible that the mother might end up rejecting the kitten; and while he may not fear the presence of humans; neither will he learn how to properly socialize with other cats, either. 


Socialization is an enjoyable process, but it also requires patience.  Once you bring your kitten home, the key is doing things gradually.  You might begin by confining him to a single room at first, and slowly introducing him to the rest of the house and the household over the next couple of days.  Daily, gentle handling is also important.  As your kitten gains confidence in exploring the rest of your house; you can begin exposing him to various stimuli such as different kinds of toys and grooming sessions. 

Remember that kittens are curious by nature, and they will want to investigate their surroundings.  Encourage this; while at the same time making sure that they are kept safe and are not exposed to any undue danger.

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