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  • Before attempting to groom your Himalayan rabbit make sure you have all the necessary tools within your reach.
  • Bathing and grooming can take about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how long the coat has grown which is why it’s probably wise to have a bowl of good treats to offer your pet should it begin to fidget and become restless. 
  • Fortunately, Himalayan rabbits are calm creatures. Their docile demeanor will make it easier for you to clean and groom them up. They also do not shed a lot compared to other rabbit breeds since they are short – coated bunnies.
  • What you can do when trimming up their coats is to place the rabbit on a waist-high table whilst resting it on a non-slip pad. Placing the rabbit on a blanket laid out on your lap serves as a gentle security restraint, and also catches the falling wool so you can clean up easily after trimming.
  • Place the rabbit on your lap and face it away from your body. Take a handful of the rabbit’s coat and firmly but gently pull it straight up. Now with your other hand use the slicker brush to take hold of the base of the grasped coat then, pick up a small amount of hair and proceed to brush it away from your pet’s body.
  • Repeat this action while ensuring the rabbit is rotated into positions that will keep it docile and relaxed.
  • Make sure to get the chin area, the area between its ears and also the hairs on the sides of its cheeks. Also pay attention to its abdomen because this is the part of the body that picks up the most dirt and is more prone to matting than the rest of its body.
  • Position the rabbit’s ears between your knees, and be careful not to pinch it. Be mindful of this position especially when you lean in over your pet as it could use its powerful hind legs to deliver a swift, powerful kick if they get hurt.

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