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A perfect companion for those who are leading an active life; Weimaraners are beautiful canines outstanding from others because of their flashing silver coats, flowy ears, amber eyes; and tall disposition. They are intelligent, lovable, friendly, and loyal, everything you need to have made a lovely companion, however; they are also, put, in this world with a great deal of energy and stamina. These for the looks canines need a lot of exercise; and mental stimulation, otherwise if not met they are likely to become nervous, high-strung; destructive that then forms into being aloof and depressed. We don’t want that, don’t we? Well, worry no more than below is the established list of activities to conduct for your very own Weimaraners to be well stimulated and happy; that will translate to having a fulfilled life full of excitement and enjoyment.

Walking and Running 

Walking, undoubtedly, is the classic form of exercise dogs are all capable and fond of doing. Weimaraners love this, because it is a great way for them to explore the world with their nose. To keep things interesting; try to take different routes every once in a while, so your canoe gets to see and smell new things! 

Running is the way to satisfy Weimaraners stamina.  Running does wonders in providing excellent benefits for your dog’s physical and mental health. Not only that, it is a great weapon against weight loss, brain fog, anxiety, depression and a weak heart. 


Hiking makes a lot of difference than a normal walk, as it allows your dog to explore the world at a deeper level. Weimaraners will appreciate this as they are bred for hunting, and they will take curiosity in greeneries and the woods. 

When you first begin this activity, start with a short dog hike and make it on a cooler day. Do not lean on difficult trails with lots of rough terrain, until your very own pooch gets used to easy to moderate hikes, and be more sure-footed. Bring plenty of water!


Weimaraners will enjoy the challenge that comes with learning to swim and finally be able to master it. As we all know, not all canines love to dread the idea of swimming, but with our competitive breed Weimaraners they will surely take this as a wonderful challenge. You can also incorporate a game of fetch to add mental stimulation, and of course to make it even more fun. 

Using a flirt pole 

Another one is using a flirt pole. This is a fun way to keep your Weimaraner well stimulated physically and mentally. A flirt pole is a long pole with a rope attached to its end. On the end of that rope is a lure that is made to entice your dog to chase. It’s great exercise, and they are very stimulating, mentally. A great way to let your dog use their natural prey drive, without the burden of being destructive. Also, bonus as this activity also provides practice of basic impulse control, i.e., letting go on command. 


Weimaraners long legs allow them to have fun chasing over long distances, without them not second thinking about it in the slightest. With that, Frisbee just seems to be the perfect fit for them, it is fun, great physically and mentally stimulating, and it encourages dogs’ natural drive to chase. 

Agility Training 

Agility is a mentally and physically challenging sport adored by Weimaraners 24/7. It is a series of timed obstacle courses that presents various exciting challenges including tunnels, hurdles, cones, ramps, teeters totters, and many more. Being a swift and graceful dog breed, Weimaraners would find agility as one of their most loved activities. 

As an owner, you may also choose to try this out for fun or for competition. You are lucky as Weimaraners are talented and competing is easily a reality for them. They’ll never give up, they’ll excel, all the way to the top. 

Lure Coursing 

As these tall dogs were bred to hunt, a lure course is easily a fun activities your Weimaraners will never get tired of doing. A lure course is a place where your canine can chase and get the thrills, minus the actual harming of prey. The animals appearing on the lure are very realistic, even to us humans! 

Lure coursing is done in a large field, and a mechanical lure possessing an animal toy with a wire will begin to run in varying directions. This is as fun as you imagine it out to be, and your dog will surely love every second of it chasing that “animal” 

Therapy work 

Weimaraners are such loving and loyal dogs even considered possessing incredible temperament! That is why middle-aged and elderly will adore Weimaraners doing therapy work as they are likely to adore their calm, gentle, and very receptive to human disposition. Weimaraners find visiting hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers alongside family homes, prisons, and schools exciting and both physically and mentally beneficial. It eases their stress and makes them filled with happiness. A rather non-conventional activity, trying therapy work will make your Weimaraners happy and more than stimulated. It makes people feel those positive effects too. 


As owners, there is no more than responsible for the well-being of our dogs. For this reason, taking in charge of their innate need for energetic activities must be met. With our list, we hope the two of you can cross out a number or two and find something you’ll both equally adore. Share our list of activities with other Weimaraners owners as well that might be in need! 

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