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Just like humans, every cat is different from each other in personality and character. And just like us what Scottish Fold cat need are homes where they feel safe, loved, protected and cared for by their caregivers. The Scottish Fold cat may be a mild-tempered, charming, amiable and easy-to-get-along-with feline but this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t get into mischief, Scottish Fold cat need physical stimulation with proper toys and props isn’t employed on a regular basis. In this article, you’ll learn what do Scottish Fold cat needs and the materials you need to provide for them.

What do Scottish Fold Cat Needs?: Maintenance Tips

Lots of patience and love is what Scottish Fold cat needs, and incorporating your new friend into the family is crucial at the beginning of the relationship. The idea of taking in or buying a pet may look and sound easier than it seems. This is why you are called guardian and caregiver – because the success of a peaceful integration will largely fall on your shoulders.


It is imperative to remember that taking in a pet is a great responsibility that requires your willingness to care for it no matter what. In terms of health the Scottish Fold Cat, as long as you do your research on its history, it is a low maintenance cat that would need very little medical attention as compared to other pets.


It is advised to keep Scottish Folds as indoor cats and take supervised outdoor trips with you or another caregiver from your family. Their roundish physique makes them eye-catchers and head turners and may fall into the wrong hands if not careful. Yes, there is real “cat – nappers” out there. This is also a good time to consider the greenery and foliage you have surrounding your home. Take care that you are aware of plants that the cat may munch on and give it serious medical repercussions.

Maintenance Tips

Check out some maintenance tips below:

  • Make downtime playtime an engaging but gentle one. Since Scottish Fold Cats are less inclined to exercise on its own, it is up to you and people in your home to have frequent playtime with your new addition. Obesity is a real problem your Scottish Fold may suffer if not given the proper stimulation and exercise whilst at play.
  • Scottish Fold cats needs some form of game such as chasing lasers, teasers, bouncy balls and plush toys. These are some of the recommended toys for play rather than your bare hands. Since the Scottish Fold does have a genetic inclination to develop painful tail arthritis you want to avoid any unintentional injury to your feline.
  • A scratching post or two will eventually have to find its place in a few spots around your home unless you were looking to refurbish and introduce the clawed-effect on your favorite furniture.

What do Scottish Fold Cat Needs?: Basic Cat Supplies

Alongside properly integrating your new pet in your home you will have to give it spaces where it can go do its “business” – go potty that is. If your new cat is not housebroken, fear not because cats are possibly the easiest to train to go to the toilet where it’s supposed to amongst pets. You should place litter boxes in strategic areas of the house that aren’t tucked away.  Scottish fold cats need a hidden but busy hallway,  one under an indoor, toxic-free, preferably decorative plant,  a corner in the family room or in the toilet are ideal places for litter boxes and for cats to do natures business.


You have a world of choices for scented cat litter that will keep hygiene and odor in check. Be sure to shovel out the litter boxes at least twice a day. There is nothing more than a cat hates than a litter box full of dump. The rule of thumb on the ratio of cats to litter boxes is 1:2. One cat two litter boxes, two cats, 4 litter boxes. This ensures that cats are comfortable and will have no qualms doing their business when nature calls. Remember to change cat litter regularly. This will depend on how often your cat goes to the toilet.

New Environment

Scottish Folds are great in adapting to new environments around them therefore ideal companions on vacations. They show almost no stress to traveling and are able to acquaint itself to new surroundings with ease. A sturdy cat-carrier is also what Scottish Fold cat needs, and it is highly recommended for road trips, out-of-town forays and short excursions around the city.

You also need to invest on a good brush which will be very useful for down time bonding and to massage your cat. Moderately frequent brushing will also help get the cat’s skin and fur oils circulating better. This allows its fur to remain silky-soft. This will be an especially important part of your routine should you choose to own a long-haired Scottish Fold as the longer fur sort will definitely be prone to matting. You will need to keep your Scottish Fold cat’s fur tangle-free with more frequent brushing.

Your Scottish Fold cat needs toys such as plush balls to munch on or to throw around, soft toys to run and chase after, teasing-feathers, bells and a sturdy scratching post or two is in order to help the fun happen and exercise in check.

Make sure to choose a nice, soft, warm and comfortable bed for your Scottish Fold cat to sleep, curl into, warm up in and just a personal space of its own to laze about. If you have a sun porch set out a soft mat there too – where it can soak in some rays and enjoy a nice breeze as you enjoy the day with it. Rethink plastic feeding dishes and opt for ceramic or stainless bowls for their food and water.

All cats have a tendency to sharpen its claws and nails by scratching and clawing at things. To avoid and avert furniture destruction acquires a couple of scratching posts which you would want to strategically place in rooms around your home where the cat is allowed to roam. We hope you learned a lot about what do Scottish Fold needs, for more info check out more articles over the blog section.

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