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Pueblan milk snakes are non-venomous colubrid serpents that reside mainly from Puebla, Morelos, and Oaxaca in Mexico. They are popularized by their great color pattern composing the hue of bright red, black; and white that sometimes projects a yellowish tone. They manifest a calm, shy; and naturally low maintenance demeanor that prefers mostly to just be left alone and do just fine. Likewise, they do not hold any aggressiveness; except for when they are held for an unusually long period of time, and they have been a buzz in the snake petting community in recent decades. 

Furthermore, they are undoubtedly a great beginner pet; as statistics concerning snake petting show, and the fact that the UK has kept them for a long time as a house pet. In America, on this very day, they are getting more and more recognized. And chances are you have heard of them as well, and if you are wondering if it’s worth the care? I’ll introduce you to the process of it.

How Do You House a Pueblan Milk Snake?

As these snakes come from a warm environment; they will really struggle to adapt to the cold and humidity your country is likely to have. To take control, you have to keep your very own in a wooden vivarium. 

Next, you are to select 3 x 2 x 2ft for its enclosure that has large vents and preferably, glass sliding front doors. They need to have a warm and cool area, the first being at 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29.44 °C) and the latter being as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21.11 °C). 

The lights, including a basking lamp; should be on for nearly half of all the hours we have every day, and for the rest of it, you are to keep things dark. These snakes are crepuscular, which means they are active mostly at dusk and dawn.

Other Things to Consider

In addition to this, you can utilize a UVB light of 5 to 6 %. However, it is not required as Pueblans do not need UVB exposure to get calcium; and what these lamps ought to do is just support live plants (which are encouraged to place) that are in the vivarium. 

As for decoration, put hard decors such as wood branches they can climb over and bask on. Live pants are encouraged and a grass wedding, with rocks here and there, will make them comfortable; and safe as it will successfully mimic their natural environment. Also, consider placing a small hide place for them; that they will utilize if they want to be left completely all by themselves, as they do like to hide, even in the wild. 

Frozen – Thawed Food Junkies

You should note that the serpent; that you are going to raise is carnivorous and likes to feast on frozen-thawed foods. Mice, specifically, are the best diet for it. As hatchlings; you have to feed it weekly with defrosted pinky mice and gradually increase the size as you can observe; that the mice can be out thrown by your snake. Adults, usually love large mice, served once every two weeks. 

Moreover, you can add gerbils, hamsters, chicks; or multimammate mice to their diet, however, they are not nearly as nutritious as mice. For their water needs, you must have a medium to large size bowl for your snake. It must be replaced daily with fresh water, and it must be kept on the cool side of its enclosure. 

Hygiene of a Pueblan Milk Snake

Pueblans are to be spotted clean every day as they are sensitive to the dirty environments, Deep clean must occur twice a month and is taken seriously; including all parts left polished and cleaned. As for their bodily hygiene, should be sprayed at least once a week with lukewarm water. Oftentimes every day; they are to use their water bowl for drinking, only if they are certain that they will not drink from it. That is why replacing it with fresh water every day is really a must. 

Expected Behavior & Temperament

These snakes are solitary creatures. Generally, it is best to keep just one of them in their vivarium. If you are a professional, you can keep a bonded pair of them, although be prepared that it is a tricky process. 

They could not be bothered by staying all alone; they are naturally shy and will often get uncomfortable with unusually long periods of handling. With this, they have a defense mechanism of releasing a pungent smell, so you will sway them immediately off, 

In cases when you want to observe your very own, do it quietly; so it will not go to their hiding place. If they are comfortable enough and are very familiar with their owner, they can recognize them and offer a very interesting connection and bond.

If You Are to Own a Snake, Regardless of the Breed, What Characteristics Do You Need to Possess?

Not squeamish 

As they eat very unusual food such as mice; and occasionally would love to feast live ones to train their power, which they generally showcase in the wild. 

Deals well with a foul odor 

Their diet consists of dead mice that are thawed, and it is not very pleasant in the nose. Moreover, spot cleaning their vivarium every day. That contains all, their discharge will require your patience in dealing with this kind of situation. 

Not overly attached, yet not overly detached as well 

Pueblans are solitary creatures, that is why you must not observe or hold them all the time, and if you are to do these two, do it in a calm, and quick manner. But at the same time, just because they like to be left alone does not mean you would not check your snake from time to time, as you might overlook their health and well-being as of the moment. 

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