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Where do capybaras live? These animals came from the east of the Andes around South America. Where do capybaras live in ponds, riverbanks, marshes or wherever there’s a natural water source available. Due to their dry skin, capybaras require a swimming hole to stay happy and healthy. In this article, you’ll learn where do capybaras live and other facts about them.

Capybaras are Native to Brazil and Panama

Where do capybaras live are native to countries like Brazil and Panama. In the wild, they can be seen in large groups. They love to stay near fresh waters since they need to be constantly hydrated due to their dry skin. Capys like to eat lots of grasses and they also use water to hide from potential predators.

Capybara loves the water because it’s a source of life for them. They consume water plants as well as grasses. They also use water to escape from potential danger or predators. Capys are great swimmers, thanks to their webbed feet. They can also hold their breath underwater for a maximum of five minutes.

These creatures are very intelligent but they need to be kept in pair if you want to know how and where capybaras live. They are very social pets and are not happy if they only live alone. Male capys can spell trouble if they are housed together even if they are already neutered. This is because fights usually break out especially if the enclosure is too small.

Males are mostly territorial creatures. They use their scent glands to mark their territories. Their female counterparts also have such glands but are not really developed. Both males and females use their anal glands to do their markings.

Where do capybaras live usually likes mud as it helps them regulate their body temperature. Just like pigs, they don’t have that many sweat glands, so they need to be hydrated in some way. It’s also their way of protecting themselves against sunburn.

In the Wild vs. In Captivity

Where do capybaras live? In the wild, capys live relatively shorter life spans since they can be hunted by predators.

In captivity, they thrive and can live longer if you provide the right diet and care for them.

Like most type of rodents species, these animals are susceptible to lung infections as well as mites/ lice infestation in their fur.

Most of the health issues are caused by unsanitary living condition. Make sure that their enclosure is clean and try not to expose them to any harmful materials.

If your pet suddenly loses it appetite, this could be a sign that they have a digestive problem. Take them to the vet and make sure that your vet has an experience in treating rodents.


The capybara comes onto heat once every eight days. When females go through their periods, they are only open to mating for eight hours. On average, they can give birth to around four baby capybaras. They can only produce one litter, once a year.

The female pet usually whistles whenever she is on heat, and through this, the male will sniff her frequently. The male and female usually mate in the water. If the female doesn’t want to mate with a particular male, she will usually dive deep in the water. The breeding couples are often interrupted by another male capybara, this is normal.

The rest of the capybara group is in charge of raising a young. Baby capys are usually born after 150 days during gestation period. Female capybaras usually become mature at around seven to twelve months of age. Males become sexually matured at fifteen to twenty – four months.

Where do Capybaras Live: Can They Live with Me?

Where do capybaras live? These pets are semi – aquatic rodents and they are legal to live with you if you’re residing in the states of Pennsylvania and Texas. In some areas, you might be able to keep them but it usually requires having a license. If you are not sure, then it’s best to check with local authorities before you bring them home.

Where do capybaras live and are they dangerous?

These animals have razor sharp teeth that can potentially harm you or your kids especially if they feel threatened. There are some capybaras that have bitten their owners but generally speaking, if you treat them right, you’ll learn to live peacefully with them.

Where do capybaras live and can they be kept as pets?

Yes but before you do, make sure to reconsider your decision. These are definitely extraordinary animals and are very tame, there are many drawbacks to keeping them as pets.

First of all, as what we’ve mention earlier, there are places where it is illegal to keep capybaras as pets. You may need to consult your local authorities and see if you can get a special permit. Make sure to understand what it means to keeping the world’s largest rodent.

As you already read, these animals like to be with their own kind. They are social animals and don’t prefer living alone. If you’re going to acquire one, you need to get two or more to keep them company.

Keep in mind that where do capybaras live mostly in water so you need to provide them with plenty of water source. There are owners that choose to build a special pool for their special pets.

Putting It All Together

These animals need lots of space to express themselves. It’s not a great idea to keep them indoors otherwise they will most likely chew on your furniture.

Another important factor is that you have a nearby vet who can aid to your pet capy should he/ she needs it. You need to also provide a secure fence where you can keep them so that they won’t run away. We hope that we answer the question, where do capybaras live in this article.

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