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Why are dachshunds so clingy? Sometimes your dachshund will get protective of you. Usually, a connection is formed with just one keeper. This is often the one who gives the most attention and time, obviously they can’t always be around to cater to the dog’s needs. This is true for all dog breeds but more of Dachshunds. Why are dachshunds so clingy? There are also some pups have a stronger bond with a certain family member; and have different relationships with other family members. If your pet made a connection with one; he will always be the happiest when that person comes. You will see this when you see your pet wiggle its body or flatten its ears. In this article, you’ll learn why are dachshunds so clingy? 

Why Are Dachshunds So Clingy: The Clingy Behavior

The Dachshund will definitely get your attention, and offer nothing but love to you and your family. It’s hard not to lose your heart to these adorable dogs. This breed is also classified as scent hounds. Dachshunds were originally bred to cover ground and trace scent from badgers. These dogs are quite stubborn and will do things their own way. Training is very important to keep these strong – willed breeds in check. However, you need consistency and patience.

Reasons for Bonding

Why are dachshunds so clingy? Sometimes this is just something unexplainable. It’s just that there is something about that keeper that makes the dog naturally bond with him/ her. Maybe it is with the tone of the voice, mannerisms and overall presence. Every dog is different but certain aspects can apply to everyone. Some of the reasons why dog breeds seem to like one person may include the following:

  • That person spends a lot of time with the breed
  • They often play with the dog
  • They sleep together in the bed
  • That person is responsible for the dog’s care
  • That person keeps the dog company most of the time

If the dog has experienced some form of abuse or came from an abusive environment; and he/ she is removed from there by a keeper, that’s also another reason to form a connection. It’s like the dog recognizes his rescuer. Most dogs form a solid bond to the person who cared from them when they were still young. During this socialization period, the brains of the pups are extremely receptive. Their experience at this period will influence their interaction with people, places and even other pets. You should keep this in mind and continue to socialize them as they grow old. Needless to say, if you provide them with attention, grooming session, takes him out for a walk, and just spend time with your pet then you will definitely form a bond to him.

Train Your Dog to Not Get So Attached to You

It’s really nice to get them attached to you. But, sometimes you don’t want your pet to be so clingy because if he/she gets separated from, he/ she will mostly likely suffer from separation anxiety. Here are the types of sepanx:

Types of Sepanx (Separation Anxiety)

The first type is when your dachshund becomes stress because you’re away but your pet will deal with this if they’re with another family member or has other pets to keep him company. The second type is when your dachshund wants no one else but you. He/ she will be anxious and won’t be able to deal with this. For some dachshunds, they die when their owners leave them for a long time. Therefore, in order to reduce stress and feelings of clinginess and help make your pet less frustrated is by first acknowledging the problem.

Tips to Reduce Sepanx

Attachment becomes dysfunctional when your pet displays signs of stress whenever you are away even just for a couple of hours. They may somehow feel lost without your presence.  Of course, you need to rule out medical conditions because excessive clingy behaviors can also be due to loss of hearing or eyesight which will cause your Dachshund to depend on you. 

The next step is to ignore their attention-seeking behavior. This doesn’t mean that you will stop loving them or paying them attention. It just means that you do it on your own terms and not of the dog’s. Whenever you pet your dachshund, you should also signal that the interaction is done. You need to become less valuable for your pet; one way of doing this is by letting him/her bond with other family members. Last but not least, make sure to prevent excessive monitoring by not running to him when he is whining. You need to also encourage your pet to sleep at a distance and employ the use of baby gates. All of these will teach him that even if he does not follow, you will be back for him, and he will be okay. We hope this article answered your question, why are dachshunds so clingy?

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