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You may think that your cat longs to be let outside to interact with other cats and enjoy the outdoors, but for rare breeds like the Chartreux, it is strongly advised not to let them outside unsupervised. There are a lot of risks that come along with allowing them outdoors, such as:

  • Getting lost and being seen by Animal Control.
  • Fighting with other cats
  • Being chased by dogs or other larger animals
  • Contracting fleas, ticks, and other harmful parasites.
  • Catching infections from stray cats and dogs
  • Getting hit by vehicles
  • Getting poisoned by substances like rat bait
  • Putting the lives of human companions in danger by contracting parasites harmful for humans.

Instead of letting your pet cat outside, you can create a haven for them inside your house instead. Like all cats, the Chartreux enjoys living in a home where it has enough spaces for hiding in case it senses trouble or discomfort. Being hunters by nature, it is ideal for Chartreux cats to have platforms they could jump on, stairs they could travel, and even a nice place to sit on by the window. You could also put a bird bath near the window as seeing birds may keep your cat entertained.

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