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Beagle personality and traits can be described in many things; the canine is a combination of friendliness and smartness. He is also generally playful, curious, and affectionate. Due to their size, their seemingly lovable look is part of their beagle personality. These dogs can be seen as very active and they usually exhibit these traits by playing around, crawling under fences, jumping and the likes just to release their energy and satisfy their playful mood. Also part of its beagle personality and traits is their temperament.


Beagles are usually characterized in having a mild temperament which is why you may often see this dog breed playing around with kids and another pet making them an ideal family pet dog. When a beagle dog is hanging out with his keepers, it usually exhibits a trait of obedience and they can also be quite endearing when they’re shown care and love. Beagles love to play a lot and they can run around the yard without showing any signs of tiredness. These dogs require lots of activity which means you need to do regular walk in the park and various activities that can keep boredom at bay, and it can also help maintain their weight.

Beagle Personality: Behavioral Traits

The common behaviors of the beagle breed usually include excessive barking, and from time to time, these dogs also exhibit destructive behaviors if they are separated by their owners for a long period of time. A beagle’s behavior is usually influenced by its present surround as well as its previous environment. When its present surrounding proves suitable – filled with enough activities and care – then the dog can likely become good – natured and calm. However, its past environment also has a huge tendency to influence its behavior.

For example, if a beagle dog has been separated from a family whom he/she has already grown with, or even parents who have helped to nurture it at a young age, then moving to a new place or being adopted by a new owner can feel like starting over again which the dog may find initially uncomforting emotionally.


As previously mentioned, a beagle’s personality and traits is playful and energetic. If the beagle is playful it means that he/ she is happy, and in order to make use of that active energy, it would require  the keeper to take the dog for a long walk from time to time so that they can have an outlet for their energy and it also help prevent exhibiting destructive behaviors.

Another important measure to take in order to prevent the beagle’s destructive behavior is through giving them a bone to chew or a toy to play with; these things can make your pet happy and also distracted which can keep them from unnecessary bad attitude.

The behavioral trait of the beagle breed is cheerfulness and friendliness especially when it’s with people and other pets which is why it’s never good to leave your pet alone for too long. Keep in mind that this dog is attention – seeking breed, and if left alone, they will howl and exhibit excessive barking which means that they are bored.

Beagle Personality: Trainability Factor

In several occasions, the personality of beagles includes stubbornness which is why when it comes to training the dog, it will definitely require a lot of patience to get the beagle to adapt to everyday activities. Once the dog has gotten used to a particular routine, he would surely go on to become a great pet for the family and also a great hunting breed. It has been perceived that as beagles are curious and active, you can’t fully depend on them to guard your house. They can bark but shouldn’t be expected that they will confront or bite an intruder. This is why when looking for a beagle breed, you need to secure your home and don’t depend fully on your beagle dog. 

Another known beagle personality is that these dogs make friends really quick but it may show a sign of withdrawal towards strangers and can easily turn around in order to show its ability to be friendly through jumping around and also wagging its tail.


A well – known trait of a beagle is that since they are hounds, they are inclined to chew at everything. They have also been marked to have an appetite for just anything which is why keepers should be careful not to leave too much food or any type of fragile items within the dog’s reach.

The beagle dog like most hound breed have a very distinct doggy odor which is why if you plan on committing to keep one, you should get used to it. It’s also known that the size of the beagle is convenient for a pet dog; its sturdy nature provides agility and athleticism and it also has a short coat that’s easy to care for. The features of the beagle dog breed show that once the pup gets past its puppy stage some become easily fat for its size which is why their weight and the number of calories the beagle consumes should be monitored. The beagle dog breed is expected to live for around 12 years.

Usually, dog keepers go for pets that have a particular beagle personality; some of these qualities include cheerfulness, cuddliness, and friendliness which is why this particular breed of dog is one of the most popular hounds in the United States and Great Britain.

Beagle Personality: Children and Other Pets

Beagle personality and traits is renowned for being a breed with a vibrant and fun-loving nature. However, despite their softer sides, Beagles were originally bred as scent hounds and were trained to track hares and rabbits. As mentioned earlier, with their background in hunting, this breed is small, sturdy and sometimes stubborn too and they can be that way with other household pets. What’s important for potential owners though, is whether these dogs are child-friendly pets and how well suited they are to family life.

When you’re bringing a pet into your family home, it’s important that you choose one that has a calm yet playful temperament. The Beagle certainly ticks these boxes. Just like children, part of the beagle’s personality and traits love playing and are energetic happy pets. They have a great degree of warmth about them but can show a mischievous and disobedient side which is more endearing than irritating. However, one thing that’s important to remember is that they need to be introduced to families at a young age so they can socialize accordingly. If you adopt an older Beagle they could be troublesome and harder to train.

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