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Almost all felines – as with most pets on four legs – are innately territorial animals. They have the tendency to take stock of their environment and they like to stake claim of spaces and areas whilst in the process of getting familiar with a new home. If you are the kind of owner who has more than one established pet and is thinking of adding one more, knowing the traits of the Himalayan cat will be important because himmies do not take well to chaotic environments and enjoy a tranquil lifestyle. 

A lot of animal lovers keep an open mind about adding new pets into their homes. Pet owners with established pets get worried about peaceful integration of new animals into homes with existing pets. Unfortunately many owners all too frequently make the mistake of not doing the right research they need to do prior to bringing home a new pet into their family. 

This can result to utter frustration and exhaustive effort on the part of the owner and anxiety and stress to the animals. To prevent this scenario prepare yourself and understand the pros and cons of integrating your pets. Learn to ask the right questions to the proper people and the hurdle of introducing a new Himmy cat to your established pets may not be too much of a task. 

You may notice quite a bit of tension and excitement in the air upon the initial meeting and integration of your pets. It is not unusual to experience a bit of a commotion at the onset of the meeting. You will also notice a lot of curious sniffing at the very least and a bit of resistance as well. It is at this point of introduction when your patience and supervision will be absolutely crucial.  

Himalayan cats are sweet-tempered, docile, relaxed and highly intelligent felines who dote on the attention of their humans. Himmies are not the sort who would easily get along with other pets since they do enjoy their space and the calm they create in it. They are able to accustom themselves to new accommodations, and guardians, with time. Your attentive assistance is crucial at this time. With patience and mindful integration you’ll find them to easily blend in well with other cat-friendly pets you may already have at home. 

If you are a family with existing pets it would serve you well to know that Himalayan cats will possibly need more time than most to learn to get along with other cat-friendly pets. It may be possible to mix in the company of a laid-back Basset Hound, a relaxed Havanese, or a playful Pomeranian, all of which love the company of other pets. The gentle Newfoundland giant is also a good cat-friendly dog choice who may be more than willing to share space and attention with a new Himalayan cat addition to the home. 

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