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Make sure that you familiarized yourself with the rules and regulations for a particular show in which you plan to enter your dog; showing your dog can be a wonderful experience but it can also be quite challenging. To ensure that your dog does well in the show, he/she needs to be a strong example of the breed standard. There are also some general things you can do to prepare for a dog show like your dog’s pedigree and registration papers, veterinary records and proof of vaccinations, litter pan and dog litter, food treats or food/water bowls, blanket or bed for the cage, necessary grooming equipment like nail clippers, brush etc. Don’t also forget the confirmation slip you received to prove that your dog is registered and qualified.

Here are some guidelines in preparing your dog for show:

  • Make sure your dog is properly pedigreed according to the regulations of the show – you may need to present your dog’s papers/ license as proof so make sure to have them ready.

  • Make sure to fill out the registration form correctly, providing all of the necessary details, and turn it in on time.
  • Prepare to pay a registration fee as well or a competition fee if any.
  • Clip your dog’s claws before the show.
  • Make sure that your dog is registered with the organization running the show.

  • Make sure to enter your dog in the proper age bracket or category because some organizations do not allow very young puppies while other has some restrictions.

  • Find out what is provided by the show and what you need to bring for yourself – some competitions provide an exhibition cage but you will need to bring some things.
  • Be prepared to spend all day at the show and bring with you everything you and your dog may need to make it through the day.
  • Pay close attention to all of the information the show gives you with your registration, some shows provide a list of recommended materials to bring either through their website or it may be directly sent to your email.

  • You can go far beyond basic commands in training a Min Pin if you are committed; these dogs are very well known for their highly trainable traits.
  • You need to understand that training for a show requires a lot of hard work because the lessons are much complicated than basic housebreaking training.
  • You should learn how to properly groom your dog for a show. You can get it from a professional book, from a video or from a groomer itself. You should make grooming an enjoyable experience just like dog training. It will surely help your pet get used to grooming because this will help him become more accustomed to being handled.

Practice posing or stacking your dog as soon as he is comfortable with the grooming table. First, have him stay in his position for a few seconds. And then increase the time you make him stay on the table. Be sure to give him a lot of rewards for standing poised for a long period of time.

Before deciding to enter your Min Pin/s in a dog show, you should first attend a few shows so you can have an idea. The more you and your dog are prepared for a show, the more your training will pay off.

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