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Your Angora rabbit is an excellent specimen of the breed, you can start thinking about preparing your rabbit for show.

The first thing you need to do is become a member of whatever organization you hope to show your rabbit with. This will likely be either the ARBA or the BRC.

Once you have become a member you will be able to register your rabbit under your name and enter him in shows.

It can sometimes take a little while to complete this process so stay up to date with shows in your area so you can enter your rabbit as soon as your registration is completed.

When you are ready to enter your rabbit into a show, start by reading the rules and regulations for that specific show.

In most cases, registering your rabbit for a show is fairly easy but you want to make sure you don’t overlook anything that might get you disqualified.

Make sure you adhere to the deadlines for registration and have all of the information you are likely to need handy.

Here is the information needed to compete:

  • Your name and address
  • The breed of your rabbit
  • Your rabbit’s color and age
  • The sex of your rabbit
  • Whether you bred or transferred the rabbit
  • Whether you are a juvenile exhibitor

Things You’ll Need For The Show

Once you have registered your rabbit all that is left is to wait until the show day.

Prior to the day of show, make sure that you know how to get there and make sure you have a copy of the schedule so you know exactly when your rabbit is shown.

In the days leading up to the show you should put together a kit of items that may come in handy on show day.

Also keep in mind the following things needed:

  • Your registration information
  • Food and water for your rabbit
  • Nail clippers – for emergency nail trimming
  • Hydrogen peroxide – for cleaning injuries and spots on white coats
  • Slicker brush and other grooming supplies
  • Business cards, contact information
  • Paper towels and wet wipes
  • Scrap carpet square – for last-minute grooming
  • Collapsible stool – when chairs are not available
  • Extra clothes, food, and water for self

On the day of the show, plan to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to judging, and then proceed to your assigned pen.

At this point, the best thing to do is to sit back and watch – you can learn a lot just by observing at a rabbit show. When it comes time for judging, all you can really do is wait and let the judges do their duties. Your rabbit must remain in his pen for the duration of the judging. If your Angora rabbit wins anything, a prize card will be placed on his pen. When the judging is over, you can take your prize cards to the secretary and collect your prize money.

At this time, you can feel free to leave the show or you can stick around to keep learning. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with other rabbit owners.

You just never know what you might learn, or how a new connection could benefit you.

We hope in this article you learned how you can start preparing your rabbit for show.

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