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In this tutorial article, we will provide you reasons why a homemade dog recipe is better than commercial kibble and the step – by – step guide on how to do this particular homemade dog recipe. Here’s a fact: did you know that the dog food industry is basically run by those who also make candy bars? Yep. Hello, diabetes! So if you really think about it, they are not really qualified in pet nutrition. In this article, you’ll learn on how to make homemade dog recipe.

Reasons to Switch to Homemade Dog Recipe

There are some important reasons to feed homemade dog recipe and fresh dog food. One of which is that dogs fed with a quality homemade diet from their owners versus commercial pet foods have a life expectancy of 32 months longer! That’s about 3 more years for your dog and you!

And if you love your pet dog, why would you not want to do whatever you can for him/ her to live a long life right? I mean of course if you don’t like your pet or for some reason he’s just nasty, then I guess that would be a different story. Otherwise, you would definitely want your pet to be fed with the best possible food and that he/ she is happy and healthy.

Misleading Dog Food Labels

Another to watch out for is that the packaging of the dog food labels are often times misleading; if the dog food says the word ‘wheat’ it usually means that it contains 3% ingredients, if they say the word ‘dinner’ or ‘formula’ it only needs to contain 25% ingredient which is why packaging can be very misleading. According to experts, they say that 60% will end up being at very high risk to cancer or having some other major illnesses in their lifetimes. If you are a dog owner like I am, that’s just way to high for a statistics (I don’t even know stats that much, but 60% is way too high already!) So, if you’re like me and you don’t want your pet to be part of that 60%, then it’s time for us to change our dog’s diet and feed them something nutritious – something that they truly deserve as how a human baby would!

Cancer – Free

Speaking of nutritious, according to yet another statistics, if dogs are fed with green leafy veggies, at least 3 times a week are 90% less likely to develop cancer (now, that’s a better statistic!) So by just merely adding some green leafy veggies in your dog’s kibble, if you really don’t have the time to make a homemade meal is already way better for their health than just sticking to commercial food. It’s a huge difference and can tremendously impact your dog’s health.

Vegan Dogs?

According to another study, they also found out that if you feed your dog orange and yellow veggies (at least thrice a week) are 70% less likely to have cancer or develop any other major illnesses. It’s also important to note that the recipe we will share with you on the next section can be applied to dog breeds in general. You can also experiment with different veggies but it’s also important to do further research and know your what your dog needs or wants. It’s the same thing for the protein source; usually most dogs don’t do well with chicken meat which is why some owners feed their dogs ground turkey instead. So even if you are vegan, you still need to feed your dog some meat because there are some owners out there that feed their dogs with just a vegan diet. For me, it’s not bad but it’s not good for your pet either. I mean, they are still dogs, and they need to have some meat in their diet. Don’t make that decision for your dog! Animals are still carnivorous in nature, so don’t deprive them of that even if you follow a vegan diet yourself. The key is to balance the meat with the veggies!

Dice and Grains

Another hidden ingredient in most dog foods is the dice and grains, for some dogs it causes some form of reaction on their coat or face wherein you see some sort of tear stain in their cheeks or under their eyes – these are usually caused by dice and grain foods. If you keep feeding your pet with kibble, this is something that could come up. So make sure to change their diet gradually from commercial food to a healthy homemade diet. It might take a couple of months for that tear stain to go away but it’s surely worth it.


  • 2 pans
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 large pot
  •  3 pound bag of carrots
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 3 broccolis
  • 1 Zucchini
  • 1 pack of green beans
  • 4 pounds of extra lean minced turkey meat (or whatever protein meat your dog prefers)
  • A teaspoon of organic turmeric
  • A bag of frozen chopped kale
  • Seaweed calcium
  • Half a cup of cooked white rice (optional)

Cooking Steps

Step #1: Peel the sweet potato and the three pound bag of carrots. Make sure to wash them as well.

Step #2: Chop the sweet potato – it doesn’t need to be chopped up in super small pieces because you will need to mash it up later on, so just chop it in reasonable sizes and place it in a pan.

Step #3: For the carrots, you need to chop it up in bite – size pieces especially if your dog is someone who doesn’t really chew things otherwise your pet might choke on it. Sometimes dogs just gobble up food which is why if you chop it in chunks, it might cause some digestive problems as well. Once your done, place the chopped – up carrots in a separate pan.

Step #4: The next step is to fill the pan with water and cover it. Then get it boiled until the veggies are soft.

Step #5: The next step is to wash the green beans, Zucchini and broccolis before chopping them up in bite – size pieces. Make sure to remove the leaves in the broccolis’ stem. You can also just use your hands to sort of tear these veggies (green beans/ broccolis) into small pieces.

Ready For More?

Step #6: Place the chopped – up pieces of broccolis, green beans and zucchini in one bowl and put it aside for the meantime.

Step #7: The next step is to prepare your dog’s meat. You can use 4 pounds of extra lean minced turkey meat for your pet, or whatever your dog prefers. Again, make sure to do your research or better yet ask your vet on his/ her recommended protein for your pet and the amount of serving in every meal.

Step #8: Get your large pot and heat it up just a bit. Turn it up to medium temperature or depending on your preference before adding in the meat.

Step #9: By this point, check if your carrots and sweet potato are already boiling. You can do that by using a fork to see if the veggies are soft enough or already cooked.

Step #10: Once your large pot is heated up, you can already start placing the turkey meat one at a time. Let the meat cook for about a few minutes before you start breaking it up. Once it’s already cook a bit, you can start breaking up the big pieces of turkey. You can also leave a bit of raw meat (pink colored meat) so that your dog can also eat raw meat.

Almost Done!

Step #11: Before you turn the meat off, you can start adding up a bit of organic turmeric. Just sprinkle about a teaspoon or less than a teaspoon in the meat pot and mix it while it’s still heating up.

Step #12: You can now open the bag of frozen chopped kale. Alternatively, you can buy frozen spinach or fresh spinach/ kale if you plant that in your garden, that’s something you can do in summertime. Mix all the frozen chopped kale in the turkey meat.

Step #13: Add your green veggies (broccolis + green beans + zucchini) to the turkey meat pot with kale as well as your chopped carrots, and mashed sweet potato. Then just mix it all in while the pot is heating up. 

Step #14: Once it’s all cook, make sure to thoroughly mix it all up. Turn it off then start adding the seaweed calcium. You can order seaweed calcium on Amazon but sometimes it’s out of stock so you just have to wait for it awhile. Once you get it, it can usually last for 6 months.

Step #15: Add one tablespoon per pound of homemade dog food. For our recipe, you can add about 7 teaspoons to the mixed veggie and turkey meat pot. You can also start adding half a cup of cooked white rice but it’s totally optional.

We Did IT!

Step #16: Once it’s all done, you can now serve it to your dog, and place the rest in the Tupperware or containers and just put it in the fridge which is then enough for a couple of days. You can just microwave it a bit or let it cool off from the fridge before serving it to your pet.

We hope your pet enjoy this homemade dog recipe! Make sure to read on our blog section for more awesome dog keeping tutorials!

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