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How to keep mice as pets? Mice are tamed pets. And given that they are currently captive – bred that indicates they are really different from their wild equivalents. This resembles contrasting domesticated pets with their wild equivalent which is wolves. How to keep mice as pets? Mice are tidy animals and what a whole lot of people don’t know is that they rarely attack. Like other rodents, mice are rather easy to care for. Once you already made them your animals, they can offer so much more. In this article, you’ll learn how to keep mice as pets?

How to Keep Mice as Pets: Fun Facts

Mice are clever enough to learn their very own names. When you call them, you can anticipate them to come. Typically speaking, they are social and also caring creatures that create solid bonds with their owners. Due to the fact that they simply want to play with you, your animal will certainly always desire to come out of its cage.

Mice are also smart enough to discover tricks as well as play interactive games much like other home animals. You may see some owners on Youtube playing with their mice different video games and also physical games!

How They Show Affection

Many pet mice show love in the direction of their owner by grooming them similar to just how other household pets like dogs or cats do. Expect these little creatures to lick your hand, face, ears or go to your tummy. A well – socialized baby rat will certainly likewise climb up eagerly on your hand. He will additionally want to perch on your shoulders.

If you’re thinking of what gender is better, it’s safe to say that both females and males make good pets. Female pet mice tend to be smaller. They are also more active than their counterparts. You’ll find them running around and building their nests. On the other hand, males tend to make better lap pets.

Keep them Company

Mice are much more than just cage animals.  As a possible owner, you’re required to know that they likewise need time out of their cage every day just like how you would do to pet cats and dogs. These small creatures also intend to discover their environment, play with you, and simply feel free. And also since they are social pets, it’s ideal to get at least two of the same sex so that both of them can keep each other company. If you just maintain a solitary rat, he will certainly be lonely as well as unconfident unless he gets enough of your attention on a daily basis.

Mice of the same sex can cohabit just fine although It’s best if they grow up with each other. Otherwise, you need to correctly introduce them to one another. There are some males that naturally develop lots of testosterone and therefore are more aggressive than others. Make sure to neuter them in order to minimize the aggressiveness. In just a couple of weeks after surgical procedure, you’ll see that your male rat may not be as energetic or aggressive anymore.


A good rule of thumb is the bigger, the better as it will allow room for toys and other accessories. Wire floors are not recommended because they can give mice sores on their heels. This will also get their feet caught up in some wire. If that happens, it can break your pet’s leg. Pet mice should be kept at room temperature. Make sure to close the lights at night because they prefer to be in total darkness.

It is very important to keep your pet’s cage clean. If you don’t, the ammonia formed from their urine aggravates into a respiratory disease. This is usually the cause of death in pet mice. You also need to avoid cedar shavings. The reason is because it contains acids which can damage your pet’s respiratory tract. Sometimes it the toxins from cedar shaving also damage the liver. There are many alternatives including:

  • Aspen shavings
  • Recycled newspaper pellets
  • Alfalfa pellets (this can be used as bedding)

Food Tips for Mice

A grain mix doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of mice. You need to provide them with food blocks because these are specifically made for mice. If a fortified grain mix is fed, you should make sure that your pets eat the vitamins in the mix. About 20% of your pet’s diet should consist of variety of fresh fruits and veggies. You may want to feed them things like:

  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Cooked Sweet Potato
  • Cooked Beans

You should be careful not feeding fluoride as it is toxic to pet mice. Make sure that your water doesn’t have fluoride, if so then you should provide your pets with bottled water. Chlorinated water is not healthy for your pet as well.


As mentioned earlier, mice need a water bottle, and nutritious fresh foods. You might want to try a hanging dispenser for their dry foods. According to many owners, their pet will use a litter box if it’s placed in the corner of the cage. They usually use it as a toilet. You need to also provide a concrete block, perches or similar toys in the cage. This will keep your pet’s toenails short. We hope in this article, you learned the answer to your question, how to keep mice as pets?

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