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You need to cut the veggies in bite – size pieces, other pet owners like to grate it or chop it finely. Now of course, the size of those pieces should depend on how large or small your iguana is, so just adjust accordingly. It goes the same for fruits. When it comes to fruits though, you might need to peel off the skin especially if you think it doesn’t look good for consumption, it’s also best to seed the fruits; there are also some fruits wherein you can leave the skin, it depends on you if you want to feed it to your iguana.

After washing the fruits and vegetables with water (make sure that the bowls you’re using are also thoroughly washed so as to avoid chemical left over from soaps/detergents since these can be toxic for your iguana), you can then feed it to your pet or what you can do is soak it in water then drain it out before placing it in a tightly secured tupperware so that it’ll stay fresh. Every morning when you take it out, you can just rinse it again in the water


If you bought a lot of veggies that’s about good for a week or so, you can place the excess veggies in a zip lock bag and place it in the freezer, then just pop it in the microwave to heat it up a bit (about 2 minutes tops) whenever you’re going to feed your pet again. Just a word of caution, if the veggies or fruit is too hot, doesn’t feed it to your iguana directly, let it cool down.

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