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What are the reasons to keep a rabbit? When thinking of getting a pet, most people would immediately go to dogs and cats. Dogs generally need huge spaces where they can run and roll over and chase things around. Cats, on the other hand, tend to leap from perch to perch and knock things down. But what if you want a pet that you can play with but is something smaller? Perhaps a rabbit would be the ideal furry companion for you! In this article, you’ll learn about the reasons to keep a rabbit.

Rabbits make excellent house pets, and when taken care of properly, they can last anywhere from five to fifteen years. They are also not as demanding as cats or dogs, making owning a pet simpler.

If you’re thinking of getting a nice pet, here are some reasons why you should consider a rabbit.

Rabbits are quiet creatures

What are the reasons to keep a rabbit? Unlike other fluffy pets like dogs and cats, rabbits make little to no noise. They won’t cause a loud ruckus even when they’re active, so you won’t have to worry about getting noise complaints especially if you’re living in an apartment. Their quietness also means you won’t be getting up in the middle of the night to strange howls, barks, or meows, allowing for uninterrupted sleep.

Since they are quiet by nature, rabbits also crave quietness in their surroundings. If you’re someone who likes the silence and adores a calm environment, then rabbits are perfect for you. 

Rabbits require less space than other pets

What are the reasons to keep a rabbit? Rabbits are small animals, and thus they need less space to live in. They also don’t need to be regularly walked, so you won’t have to worry about that either. Running around outside their cages can count as enough exercise for them. If you’re getting an Angora rabbit, then their exercise needs are even less; they get tired after running about 20 feet, and even their “run” is nothing more than a brisk walk for humans.

Keeping your rabbit happy in a cage means providing it enough space to flop down on and stretch in, with the cage at least a bit taller to accommodate the rabbit’s full height when standing on its hind legs. There should also be a litter pan in the corner as well as a flat resting board where they can lie down to avoid sore hocks. You may also provide a box within the cage for the rabbit to play in, as well as give them toys it can chew on. Put a feeding bowl as well as a water bowl in the corner too.

Don’t Stress Them Out

Though rabbits can be well enough within a nicely equipped cage, they still would need some time to roam around outside the cage. What are the reasons to keep a rabbit? Make sure to rabbit-proof the area where you’d prefer them to roam free. Indoors is still the best place for your rabbit, since domesticated rabbits are not accustomed to outside elements. Even relatively safe outdoor enclosures can stress your rabbit out, and they may die of fear of being attacked by predators.

Rabbits offer a great motivation to eating better

What are the reasons to keep a rabbit? Rabbits eat lots of hay and vegetables. They enjoy treats like apples, celeries, and other organic veggies. Watching them munch on nutritious food entices you to do so as well; after all, what’s stopping you from living a healthy life like your rabbit does? Buying supplies in the grocery, including fruits and vegetables, won’t seem like such a chore. You would be doing it for your pet, and it just so happens that you can benefit from it too! You’d want to avoid wasting food as well, and since your furry bunny isn’t likely to finish a bunch of fruits and veggies by themselves, you could be motivated to learn how to prep a delicious and nutritious meal for yourself.

Rabbits are clean animals and can be litter trained

Rabbits are intelligent creatures and training them to use a litterbox is relatively easy. Once they get the hang of it, it’s easy to keep rabbits clean and neat. Since their diet is mostly consist of veggies, their digestive system is fairly efficient. Their poop isn’t messy, so it’s quite easy to clean too.

Rabbits are low-maintenance pets

What are the reasons to keep a rabbit? Rabbits don’t need to be walked nor do they need to be bathed. Soaking them in water is a very bad idea as they are susceptible to the cold and can easily get hypothermia. Instead of bathing them, rabbits need regular grooming with a good old brush. This will keep their coats neat, preventing matting. If you want to keep them extra clean, sprinkle them with a bit of organic cornstarch before brushing it out.

Once your rabbit settles in with you and gets used to your presence, you’re in for a fun and fantastic companionship. Choosing to adopt a rabbit for a pet can be an even more rewarding experience. These cute little fluffballs are surely the balm to a weary soul! We hope this article let you learn about the reasons to keep a rabbit?

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