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When it comes to rabbits and hiding; Rabbits are cute and fluffy, but they’re also pretty small, making them the perfect prey. This is why it’s extremely important for them to have a hiding space ready wherein they can retreat when they perceive threats from potential predators. When left in an outdoor enclosure, rabbits and hiding tend to be very anxious as the environment makes them feel vulnerable to attacks. In this article, you’ll learn about rabbits and hiding.

Though rabbits are pretty sociable, there may be times when they would need to retreat from social contact. There may also be times when they feel afraid or even sick. During such cases, they tend to hide. They are not unlike humans in this regard. They would require a suitable hiding space that they should be able to access whenever they want to. This is crucial to their health and well-being.

Providing Nice Housing for Your Rabbit

The cage for your rabbit should be spacious enough to allow them to stand on their hind legs without their ears touching the top part. There should also be enough space for them to flop down and stretch.

A rabbit’s space is where it eats, sleeps, plays, and yes, even hides. All these should be taken into consideration when housing your pet rabbit and hiding places within their home lets the rabbit feel secure enough and reassured. It provides them peace of mind that there’s somewhere they can comfortably go to should the need arise.

When distressed, rabbits would need to somewhere free from the sights and smells of perceived threats, including potential predators. It should also be away from direct sunlight. Since rabbits like calm environments, the area should also be quiet and as far away from sources of noise as possible. If your rabbit has a designated rabbit and hiding place, make sure to never disturb them from it; otherwise, they might not trust you nor the place in the future and they may feel even more stressed.

Do You Keep More Than One Rabbit?

If you have more than one rabbit, then you would need more hiding places for them. This would help prevent them from being territorial and thus can avoid aggressive displays.

Each hiding place should have more than one entrance, so that the rabbits won’t feel trapped if one entrance happen to be blocked.

To make your rabbit feel even better about the hiding place, provide them with a vantage point as well. This is where the rabbit can be on the lookout for potential predators. This can reduce their stress and anxiety, as they can comfortably observe their surrounding while in a safe place where an escape path is clear and unobstructed.

Why Does My Rabbit Hide in the First Place?

As mentioned before, rabbits are the ideal prey, especially in the wild. This nature is still observed even in domesticated breeds, as rabbits can be naturally anxious creatures.

Aside from perceived threats from predators, some things you do might also unintentionally upset them, causing their need to hide to flare up.

Disturbing their territory

Rabbits are social animals, but they also can be quite territorial. They value a comfortable and safe environment, and it upsets them when this environment is disturbed. Try not to disrupt them when they’re resting, and avoid introducing another animal into the mix, especially if your rabbit and hiding has not been properly socialized beforehand.

Making loud noises

Rabbit and hiding make little to no noise, making them the ideal house pet. In turn, they also require their surroundings to be calm and quiet. When there is a sudden booming noise, they tend to retreat and hide. This reflects well on their nature as preys in the wild, where they constantly have to be on the lookout for the clamor of their predators. Slamming of doors, loud music, and fireworks can cause your rabbits immense stress. In some cases, their fear can lead to heart attacks and even death.

When there’s a sudden noise and you see your rabbit immediately going into their hiding place, let them be. Stop the source of the noise if possible, or at least minimize how much is being heard in the room by closing the door and windows gently. Don’t try to coax your rabbit out; they will come out when they’re ready. Limit interactions with them for a while until you’re sure they’ve calmed down.

 In Summary

Rabbits are gentle creatures who need tender care and attention. You have a responsibility to providing them with a safe and comfortable environment where they can live happily and healthily. Talk with them in a quiet soothing voice and you can observe their ears move; it’s an indication that they’re listening and paying attention.

All the effort will be worth it as your rabbit will be a great source of joy and contentment as well. They bond closely with humans they trust, and when cared for properly, they can live for many years. We hope you learned about rabbits and hiding in this article. Stay tune for more!

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