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Daschunds are affectionate and really faithful. 

They are probably the fastest dogs to win their owner’s love, as these dogs do not really hesitate to show their affection and to know and show they love them. Dachshund are sweet, gentle, caring and love to have you around, and are the happiest the second they see you. They value connection and the bond they form with people they become close with, especially their owners.

Dogs are great sweet friends to children, proving how great of a family dog they are. They go along with almost everyone in the family, and are just really sweet to each and everyone, it’s delightful to witness. 

Dachshund are lively and energetic. 

They are little balls of sunshine, as they love to roam around and play with people. You will often catch them playing with whatever resources they can land their hands on, they love to play petches, to run, they go along with other pets. Overall, they really project this positive aura that all their actions always seem charming, no matter how mundane it is. 

Dachshund are clever and curious dogs. 

They are relatively easy to train, and you would not be disappointed by how fast they foster good behaviors. They also possess independence in them and like to do certain things their way, they can be stubborn at times. Their curiosity can manifest as digging, as figuring locks, they are escape masters and really persistent in getting what they want, especially when it comes to their treats! 

Dachshund are courageous.

Their title of being great watchdogs, do not disappoint. They are the perfect example of small but terrible since they will not hesitate to stand up against a dog, even if it’s way bigger than them. They are very alert when it comes to sensing danger, and will really protect and stand up for you. 

Daschund are sociable and outgoing. 

They love to be the life of the party. These dogs are free-spirited and would love interactions with other people. Your friends and families would not fear these dogs, as they really blend with everyone’s personality, which they could not resist. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a Weiner Dog


  • Their overall endearing and lovely personality.
  • They are one of the most intelligent dogs, compared to the other breeds that exist.
  • Dachshunds have charming and pleasing looks.
  • They are good exercise companions, perfect for those leading an active lifestyle. They love to hike, run, walk and take leaps.
  • Relatively easy to train.
  • They are generally healthy.
  • Great for families, they make good watchdogs.
  • They offer protection and security.
  • They are comical, funny and really entertaining.
  • Extremely loyal.
  • Suitable for apartment setting.
  • Relatively low maintenance to take care of.
  • They live a very long life. 


  • They are diggers.
  • Their independence can be stubborn.
  • Their curiosity can at times distract them.
  • Given their generally healthy profile, some can develop back/leg/hip issues. 
  • They have loud barks.
  • They find it hard to adjust to the weather changes.
  • High potential for weight gain.

How do you know if a Daschund is the right dog for you? 

Dachshunds would be the right fit for those who are looking for a relatively easy to take care of the dog, they are perfect for those who both live in either small or big houses, those who really value companionship and are affectionate since it will blend well with their personality. Dachshund have a big heart they can offer, they love to be involved with their owner and they do lead an active lifestyle, instead of a laid back and chill one. Although they can be mischievous, stubborn, distracted, and persistent in getting what they want, they are generally loved by many because of their lovable persona, and yes, those comical endearing looks never fail to win people’s hearts. 

And it’s a wrap! That is all you need to know for now as you debate whether or not this adorable bundle of joy is the perfect dog for you. I do need to remind you and make myself clear to you that yes; the voice in the back of your head saying you should go for it is a hundred percent true. Daschund can be your long-lived companion, and who knows how many great and wonderful memories you two are going to make. 

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