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Who doesn’t want their pet to live forever? OF course, everyone wants to enjoy life with their pet, especially if it is a dog, for a long, long time. On record, there is a dachshund named Max who was the world’s oldest living dog until he died at 29 years old in 2013. This can be considered and irregularity, as a dachshund lifespan is only for 12 to 14 years. It is also a blessing for the owners to be able to enjoy Max for such a long time, almost double of his expected life. While the owner says that he did not treat -Max any differently, there are many ways you can boost dachshund lifespan. When you do something right by your pet, you will reap the benefits back. Now you don’t have to aim for a world record or a title—simply count the blessing and joy of prolonging the life of your dachshund. Lifespan of dogs vary, but the manner of taking care of and loving them don’t. Dog parenthood is difficult, because often owners outlive their dogs. But what’s important is you do your best and get the best out of it.

All About Dachshunds

A dog is a man’s best friend and the dachshund is one of the breeds that prove to be a very loyal companion. If you have children at home, then it is best to get a dachshund as they are good with kids and they are also very attractive to young ones.

The dachshund is a German breed. These dogs were used to hunt badgers, hence their name. Dach stands for badger, and hund for dog. Different varieties of the dachshund were used to chase fox, deer, ferrets and hares. To date, dachshunds are still being used to hunt in Europe. But in many other places, they are a popular pet.

There are three varieties of the dachshund: wire dachshund, smooth dachshund and long-coated dachshund. They can come in standard size or miniature. A regular-sized male or female dachshund weighs from 9 to 32 lbs. They have a long back, a long face, floppy ears and short bowed but muscular legs. Because they have a long back, this breed is susceptible to disk problems. If you have stairs or steps at home, it is preferable to get a different breed. Their coats are hard, flat and straight. Dachshunds can be back, wild boar, chocolate, red, or gray. Some are brindle or fawn with tan markings.


Dachshunds are very energetic. In fact, they require at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. A dachshund lifespan is not too short and not too long. Given proper care and attention, this breed can live up to 12 or 14 years. They love to bark and dig, but they require moderate social attention even though they love to play with kids. They love to dig and bark because they were originally bred to be hunters. One thing you need to be watchful, and you may need to train your dachshund early, is their tendency to be destructive. It is an average shredder that needs occasional brushing.


As for their personality, they are curious and friendly. They are also very spunky—dachshunds are courageous dogs even if they are small. They can be aggressive even with larger dogs or other larger animals. But they are good watchdogs especially for children, when they are well-trained. Nevertheless, different varieties also have different personalities. For example, the smooth-coat dachshund is less calm than the long-coat dachshund. If you want a dachshund that is playful, you should get the outgoing wire-coat dachshund.

If you will want your dachshund to have a long life, you have to remember not to let it jump from your furniture because of the sensitivity of its back. You should also keep watch on its weight because when its body gets heavy, it is more prone to back problems.

They aren’t accustomed to leaping, swimming or distance running. However, they are energetic and tireless and game for any activity. They are alert, smart, vigilant and independent but they can also be stubborn. However, one look at its endearing face will make you fall in love with the dachshund.

Improving Dachshund Lifespan: Happy Life, Long Life

Any pet requires loving care in order for it to have not just a happy life, but a long life. Here are some tips:

Encourage your dachshund to eat a healthy diet.

Dogs that eat healthy food and less food live longer. They don’t have to munch on anything and everything. Giving a restricted-calorie diet can increase the dachshund lifespan to about two years longer than usual.

Don’t go and reduce your dog’s food intake by yourself.

You should always check with a vet so that you can help him maintain a healthy weight. Remember, an overfed dog can be overweight or obese and can develop joint problems and even heart diseases.

Always check the quality of the food you give your dachshund.

Have you heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Learn to check labels and give your pet healthy food—avoid excess sugars and sodium as well as unnecessary fillers found in generic meat products. Whole ingredients are best.

Good dental hygiene is important.

Don’t forget to brush your dachshund’s teeth. Poor oral hygiene for your canine can lead to gingivitis and plaque. The dog can also develop periodontal disease that can cause organ damage and heart problems. Give your dog dental toys and safe chew toys. A vet should also be able to check his teeth at least once a year. It’s no joke, you can increase your dachshund lifespan by a number of years just by brushing his teeth and making sure his mouth is constantly healthy.

Make sure the dachshund gets enough exercise

It is essential to maintain a healthy body. As with people, your dog needs to be in the best shape if you want it to reach its full potential. The life expectancy of dachshunds can be optimized when they exercise. As a bonus, when you exercise with your dog, like jogging and brisk walking, you will also become healthy and prolong your life. Scientific research has proven that exercise not only makes the body physically healthy, it also helps lower stress and improves the mood. Additionally, allowing your dog to socialize is a good way to exercise and reduce stress, as well as improve the quality of your dachshund’s life.

Have regular check – ups with the veterinarian

Always follow the orders given, especially when there is a medical condition.  A general check-up should be done annually and when the dachshund is older, the check – ups can be done twice a year. Prolonging the dachshund’s life rate is not hard. Maintaining optimal health is the key and when regular check – ups are done, the vet helps you see potential problems that can be avoided or resolved. It may be an old, overused adage but truly, prevention is always better than cure.

  • Let you dachshund’s mind stay in shape. As with people, a healthy mind is a healthy body. Your dog’s mind needs to be stimulated so that they will stay alert and happy. A dachshund that is bored can easily get depressed which can compound to other mental and even physical illnesses. Keep your dachshund busy and happy. Play games and train with him, as well as foo other enrichment activities like obedience lessons or agility sports. Not only will you stimulate his mind, you will also form a stronger bond with him.
  • Protect your dachshund’s back. If you really want a dachshund and you have steps at home, make sure that you install ramps so that your dachshund won’t hurt his back. Especially if he loves going onto your bed or sofa. Make sure you hold the dachshund correctly to protect its back. The proper way is to tuck one arm beneath the hind end and support his front end with the other arm, in a horizontal position.

So, What’s that One Trick?

Always, always enjoy every moment with your dachshund! You will never find a miracle product that can increase your dachshund lifespan—there are none. Time and love is the ultimate life extender!


The best you can do is give proper care, regular attention and a whole lot of love, and maybe you can be rewarded with extra years of life with your beloved pet. Remember, time is precious and dogs are amazing creatures. If you want to experience unconditional love, then having a dog is the best choice. If you haven’t had a dog in your life, this is the best time to try it. Not only do dachshunds, or other dog breeds seem to love you back, they will see you as their family. They will rely on you for affection and protection and all things in between. And they will give you back loyalty, companionship and love. There is nothing better.

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