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When it comes to socializing your puppy, the first few weeks of your Yorkie Poo puppy’s life are incredibly important. Not only is this when you will establish a bond with him; but it is also when he is the most impressionable. Socializing your puppy is essential for puppies when they are young; because the experiences they have during this impressionable period will determine who they are as an adult. In this article, you’ll learn some tips when it comes to socializing your puppy

 If your puppy isn’t properly socialized, he might turn into a shy and timid adult dog who responds to new people; and unfamiliar situations with fear or uncertainty instead of normal curiosity. Fortunately, socialization for Yorkie Poo dogs is easy to grasp.

Socializing Tips

Here are some tips on how to socialize your dog so that it’ll feel confident and at ease with others:

•        Introduce your puppy/dog to friends in the comfort of your own home where your puppy/dog feels safe.

•        The next thing is to take your dog with you to the pet store or to a friend’s house so that it experiences new locations.

•        Make sure to expose your puppy/dog to people of different sizes, shapes, gender, and skin color.

•        It’s also best to introduce your puppy/dog to children of different ages. Just supervise the kids to make sure they handle the puppy/dog safely.

•        Take your puppy/dog with you in the car when you run errands, make them part of your daily routine as much as possible.

•        Expose your puppy/dog to loud noises such as fireworks, cars backfiring, loud music, and thunder. It will get used to it eventually.

•        Introduce your puppy/dog to various appliances and tools such as blenders, lawn mowers, vacuums, etc.

•        Play with your puppy/dog using different kinds of toys; and experiment with different kinds of food and treats to also see its preferences.

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