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The Siamese cat is an expressively vocal feline who can be quite opinionated and talkative. They are the sort who will not hold back on telling you exactly what is on their minds. Siamese cats are experts in gaining your attention using their loud, raspy voice as their tool to get your attention. Siamese cats require you to pay them mind when talked to and for you to act according to their advice.

Clingy Pets

This breed of cats has a strong tendency to attach themselves to their human caregivers, often building a strong bond with one person particularly. The Siamese is extremely “helpful” and may think itself to be your assistant – shadowing your every move around the household and supervising your movements and activities around the house.

It is a sort that will enjoy downtime sitting on your lap whilst you relax and lounge. The Siamese is the sort that would climb into bed with you and get under the sheets and stake its claim on a space of your shared pillow.

If you are the sort who does not enjoy back-talk or chatter, the Siamese cat may not be the companion you seek. On the flip side, if you find pleasure in chatter, conversation and company as the day progresses, the Siamese cat will instantly win a place in your heart and will soon be your best friend. Make certain that you factor in essential quality time with it as the Siamese is known not only to be a very sociable feline but a demanding one too.

The Siamese cat will not be pleased if it is left on its own for extended periods of time. So if you are set on acquiring a Siamese cat, make sure that there is someone left at home during your absence to keep it company. Many Siamese cat guardians smartly opt to take in two Siamese cats so that the cats can keep each other company during periods of the day when the caregiver is away.

This feline from the shores of Thailand is known to be highly intelligent. It is athletic, very agile, and playfully frisky. Keep your Siamese cat’s brain active, engaged and busy by utilizing puzzle toys during playtime.

Daily Exercise

Be part of and assist in its daily physical exercise regimen by employing teaser toys that the feline can chase around the house. Provide it a big cat tree which it  can clamber onto and jump off of, for an all-around, good workout.

The Siamese is a naturally curious feline who will venture into the house looking for adventure or mischief if you do not pay mind to leaving him some kind of constructive distraction (like the leaving TV switched on, leaving a mechanical toy that it can play with) whilst you are out. Failure to do so may result in rolls of toilet paper unrolled and scattered around your home.

Make playtime a time for you and your Siamese cat to bond and catch up. Remember that the Siamese cat thrives on the attention and company of its guardians and will want nothing more than to spend some much needed one-on-one interaction with you.

If you are in strong consideration of a Siamese cat, you will need to factor in making time for the cat in your daily schedule. If you are the kind of person who is required to fly out of town at a moment’s notice, you may want to rethink getting a Siamese cat, unless you are prepared and willing to spend a considerable amount of money paying pet hotels and pet sitters.

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