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It is undeniable that Siamese cats are unique. This is true of their appearance but equally true of their behavior. As well as being generally interesting; it is important to be aware of some of the unusual behaviors; and character traits that are common within Siamese cats. This is particularly vital for all prospective Siamese cat owners – especially those that have not had direct contact with a Siamese cat before.

Siamese cats continuously exhibit behavior that is remarkably different to other feline counterparts. Indeed, Siamese cats display much more exaggerated behavior than is seen in other cats. They have a limitless abundance of affection to give to their owner. Concurrently, they can be highly disagreeable – aggressive towards other cats and extremely territorial – to both people and home.

Incredibly Sociable and Deeply Loyal

Not only can we dispel the myth that Siamese cats are aloof; but these one-of-a-kind cats also show themselves to be highly sociable and fiercely loyal companions.

Siamese cats tend not to be quite as independent as other breeds of cats. They form very close bonds with their human owners and rely on them for company. 

Like nothing else, they love to be snuggled on your lap; beside you at bedtime and even joining you for mealtimes. Siamese cats tend to follow their owners around the home; watching their every move – and providing a commentary full of noisy meowing! 

The social aspect of the Siamese cat makes them so demanding as a pet. They want to be a big part of your life – and they will make sure that they are just that. 

Siamese cats enjoy the company of their owners; to such an extent that they do not like to be left on their own for long periods of time. 

If you are busy at work, it may be worth considering keeping two Siamese cats; so that they have each other for company. If you are away for long periods of time, another cat breed may be a more sensible choice for you.

The Siamese cat is one that requires a lot of attention as well as stimulation. Without adequate attention, Siamese cats will usually howl or become destructive in the home.

Due to their highly sociable nature, the Siamese cats are rather high maintenance. This is especially true in comparison to other breeds of cat. 

So, if you are thinking about welcoming a Siamese to your household; just be sure this is what you are looking for. 

Perfect if you are looking for a loyal creature that will enjoy interacting and spending lots of time with you. Conversely, if you are looking for an independent pet – where you can carry out your busy life; and not worry too much about being a companion to your pet, then the Siamese cat may not be the best choice for you.  


Whilst the Siamese cat is notably loving and affectionate, there is a significant flip side of this trait. This attribute tends to be unique to the Siamese cat – and is certainly worth considering. 

Indeed, Siamese cats tend to exhibit quite a pronounced jealous aspect. While the Siamese cat will lap up attention and affection from family and friends; the Siamese is likely to be forceful if the attention craved is not provided. 

The significance of this jealous trait is really dependent on the household where the Siamese cat will live. If people are around to provide attention, then this trait will not be a problem. If there are other cats or dogs – or young children which may be that the Siamese feels left out; then it can become a serious issue. The jealous trait really can lead to some seriously negative behavior. 

Highly Vocal

 Another trait that marks the Siamese cat apart from other cat breeds is their tendency to be tremendously vocal. 

The majority of Siamese cats will vocalize – almost constantly –not simply when demanding something – but conversationally – throughout the day; expressing an opinion on everything! 

Be aware that the Siamese cat tends to vocalize in a way that is much louder than other cat breeds. It can be that they sound like they are in a lot of pain – when they are actually merely conversing – this is perfectly normal! 

Ultra-loud vocalizations tend to be reserved for when the Siamese cat needs / wants something from you. If you are able to respond to what it is they are asking for; then the intense vocalization will not be prolonged. 

Siamese cats meow a lot, they like you to know what they are thinking about everything! If you are looking for a quiet life with a peaceful cat; perhaps the Siamese cat is not what you are looking for!

Insatiable Need To Scratch

It is important for prospective owners to be aware that Siamese cats (as with all other cats) have an inevitable and insatiable need to scratch. 

One option is of course declawing the cat. But in case this is not an option for you, this behavior issue is one to consider.  

It is not appropriate to punish as it is such natural behavior – the cat has an instinctive need to sharpen those claws.

It is probably true to say that you will never eliminate scratching – but you can try and minimize it. This may be achieved by providing a scratch post or scratch pad – when your Siamese cat goes to scratch your carpet or furniture, you will be able to redirect them to the designated scratching area.

Aggression and Domination

Another personality trait of the Siamese cat is their instinct to be domineering. This perhaps ties in with their tendency to be jealous – they are so determined to be at the center; receiving all the attention – that they will dominate over other animals to ensure that they receive all possible attention. 

With an abundance of attention and by keeping your Siamese cat busy and occupied; it might be that they tolerate another cat in the house – but they do like to make it known to all concerned that they are the cat in charge; the dominant character no question. 

The Siamese cat will be very aggressive in establishing their territory outside of the home– they will absolutely ensure that they are the dominant cat in their neighborhood – and will display very aggressive behavior to any cat that stands in their way.

If a Siamese cat is introduced to a household with other cats; it is pretty much always the Siamese cat that will end up dominating.

Decidedly Intelligent

All cats are inquisitive. They have an innate tendency to be curious, to explore and discover. Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent breeds of cat.

While following you around everywhere and chatting to you; your Siamese cat will also be watching everything that you do, learning as they go.

Siamese cats need to be stimulated. Otherwise, they tend to become bored and this is when they are likely to be troublesome. Interacting with your cat is the best kind of stimulation. They do like toys – as well as regular household items – they can be fascinated by something as basic as a tissue box or a toilet paper roll. 

A Siamese cat will enjoy finding ways to open cupboards, doors and latches. Generally, if they decide they want to do something; they will do whatever they can to make sure they do it.

This means that you will need to Siamese cat proof your home – this is true for Siamese cats; as well as Siamese kittens. You need to make sure that your home is a safe place for your cat – and ensure that your Siamese cat cannot cause too much damage to your home.  

Siamese cats tend to remain inquisitive and playful, even as older cats. 

Due to their high level of intelligence, it is possible and rewarding to train a Siamese cat. However, be aware that Siamese cats can also be stubborn – and may not always cooperate in your training program. 

Innate Predators

Like other felines, Siamese cats are predators. Although all cats have an innate hunting and chasing instinct; this natural inclination to hunt and chase is very strong and noticeable within Siamese cats.

To be a successful predator, the cat needs very keen senses; stealth; rapid reactions; patience; caution; and the ability to learn from experiences. Cats are very adept at all of these skills.

Siamese cats within the home are keen to use these skills – regardless of the fact that there is no prey to chase indoors! This means that your beloved Siamese will likely pretend that people are prey – and play at attacking them. This will include pouncing on feet (especially any wiggly toes); chasing prey that is really not there – running up and down the stairs, up and down the drapes and chasing across tabletops. This inevitably generates a degree of chaos – something that prospective owners need to be prepared for. 

Although you will not (and should not try) to eliminate this behavior, you can calm things down a little. Your Siamese cat will be stimulated by play. By playing and interacting with your Siamese; and using different types of toys to keep them interested and occupied, they will be calmer and far less destructive.

Additionally, scratch posts and scratch pads can be really helpful – proving a mini playground for your Siamese cat. You will also have a designated place where you can encourage your cat to scratch. After all, all cats need an outlet for scratching and sharpening their claws.

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