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When choosing a hiding spot, you should consider the age and current size of your monitor lizard. If you acquire a baby Savannah monitor lizard, they could adapt more easily if the enclosure has more foliage and hiding areas. Another important factor is the location of the hiding cave or hiding area inside the enclosure because if for example, you purchase a sort of closed type of hiding spot and you put it directly under the heating equipment, it could heat your pet too much and they can be in an uncomfortable state and of course, you won’t be able to regulate the temperature inside. Try to purchase a hiding spot that has some opening on it so you can also provide some branches where they can bask on. You should also place it in the pool side or near the water bowl or on the cooler side of the enclosure.

When it comes to choosing a hiding spot, the aesthetic and quality of the hiding area is also important because it won’t only look cool from the outside but will also make your pet monitor lizard comfortable on the inside. Design wise, you can choose from various style found in different local pet shops like a skull design, dinosaur egg style, rock type of hiding spots and other sturdy rock – looking materials. In this section, we’ll show you different kinds of hiding spots you can purchase for your Savannah monitor lizard:

Stacked Up Type of Hiding Spot – this kind of hiding spot is sort of like rocks that had been stacked up, has levels of hiding areas and also has many openings. This is a great design because you can put it under a heater or light without your pet getting heat up too much. The top spot is the warmest area and as it goes lower through other levels, the temperature drops which can provide your lizard with an option to regulate temperature.

Hut Type of Hiding Spot – brands like the Habba hut are one of the typical hiding spots not just for monitor lizards but also for reptile pets in general such as snake, chameleons and the like. It’s just a regular and simple looking inside hive that has an opening on both ends. It is also great for terrestrial type of species like the Savannah monitors or even for arboreal lizards. You can place it vertically and lean it on the side of the enclosure or the glass or you can opt to sort of dig it into the substrate.

Cork Rounds – this is mostly used for arboreal type of monitor lizards since it’s hollow on the inside which provides a great hiding spot, and lizards can also bask on its openings.

Close cave type of hiding spots – its big opening in the front is suitable to fit your Savannah monitors once it gets bigger or when it reaches its maximum size. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a big and naturalistic type of hiding spot compared to buying plastic tubs hiding. This type of hiding material is mostly used for growing monitors; these are usually big and it provides an area where your pet can feel safe and secure.

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