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Do mini pigs make good pets? Some people would certainly never ever think about sharing their home with a pig, pot-bellied pigs are quite captivating as well as appealing. Do mini pigs make good pets? There is no question that when given the proper care as well as training, a pot-bellied pig can make a much-loved and also fascinating addition to the house. Do mini pigs make good pets? Nonetheless, many individuals find that pigs are requiring pets and are overwhelmed by their needs.

Mini Pig Temperament

Do mini pigs make good pets? Pot-bellied pigs will certainly live a standard of 12 to 18 years, with some reaching be older than twenty years. Duty for their treatment is not to be ignored. Pigs are really intelligent, and also pot-bellied pigs are quite trainable, similar as pet dogs. However, their intelligence can make them a little a handful. They are curious and also playful, yet sensitive and likewise headstrong. They will certainly become conveniently tired as well as potentially devastating if not provided with adequate tasks and also enrichment.

Aggressive Mini Pigs

Another trouble some owners have actually experienced with their pigs is aggression. Pot-bellied pigs can be territorial and have the drive to be leading. Unless shown that the human in the home is the “alpha,” pigs can show a type of aggression called supremacy hostility. Pigs require to be educated to appreciate their owners by having guidelines and also limits established, finding out words “no,” and also being subject to strong but gentle self-control.

Neutering and Spaying

Like dogs, pigs respond well to positive support but do not do well at all with physical penalty. From the first day, the needs to be establishing the regulations as well as enforcing them. Regular guidelines, praise for good habits, as well as correction/redirection with great deals of rep and persistence will certainly aid generate a well-mannered pot-bellied pig with an excellent connection with its family. And like pet dogs as well as felines, neutering or spaying is a must with animal pigs, to regulate those raging hormonal agents.

Give Them Freedom

Potty train your pig to make use of a can or go outside. Usage appreciation as opposed to deals with as a reward. Give your pig an area of its very own, such as an outdoor tents or resting box. When they have their very own personal space, pigs can be territorial however are most content. Make sure to supply an interior rooting box so it can move rocks about. Rooting is an all-natural impulse in pigs. A rooting box is a good location to place a reward or to position several of the pig’s chow.

Pig – Proof

Do mini pigs make good pets? Given that pigs are clever as well as interested, you’ll wish to pig-proof any kind of locations of your home where the pig will have accessibility, a lot like you ‘d baby-proof a home for a kid. Cover electrical sockets, see to it actions are off-limits as well as secured, and remove tripping threats like carpets as well as cords. Your pig needs workout to avoid irregular bowel movements, as well as routine accessibility to the outdoors for workout is a necessity.

Food and Water

Pigs are unrelenting in their quest for food. They can discover to open the refrigerator, cabinets, and also pantry anywhere they think food might be prowling. They can come to be requiring, asking for food, and also obtaining hostile with children that have food. Pigs also “origin” or dig/explore with their snouts and also in doing so might reverse items in the home, consisting of wastebaskets, as well as can interrupt the landscaping outside. You ought to give a location of dirt outside for rooting, spreading your pig’s food so the pet can look for it. Rooting in the dust is also a resource of minerals such as iron and also selenium for your pig.


Do mini pigs make good pets? Pot-bellied pigs should be acquired from conscientious as well as reputable breeders, and also similar to any kind of other unique family pet, you need to inspect local policies to ensure pot-bellied pig possession is allowable where you live. Some locations identify pigs as livestock, not as animals, calling for special considerations such as rooms. Other areas will certainly enable pigs of a certain size to be maintained as animals, offered they are kept on chains or otherwise restrained.

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