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Mini Pigs are the new rising pets, thanks to social media, celebrities who own them, and countless TV shows. These incredible, overly cute micro-pigs; which are known mainly as a teacup or Juliana pigs, have been living at homes now; as they just know to roam in farms.

As you clicked on this post; I will assume that mini pigs have already captured your heart by their endearing features; and perhaps you are now ready to pet one yourself. We hope this article will help you to further get to know them; and weigh in if they are the right pet for you.

Mini Pigs do not really exist 

Yes, first and foremost, I have to slap you with the hard truth. Mini pigs, these teacup pigs are not a classified breed of pigs. They have just come to exist, the name for breeders advertising purposes, and, it really works. 

Your mini pig, will not stay mini forever 

As they grow up, they naturally will get bigger, as pigs are supposed to be. To add; a breed of very tiny pigs do not really exist, as a law of nature; and starving them to maintain their sizes is not great either, you just have to accept the fact that as they grow up, they will be big. Hence, our teacup, almost a Chihuahua-looking pig, would not stay mini forever. 

Mini pigs are known to be clean creatures 

You might be discouraged to own one as pigs are generally known to be dirty; as seen on farms, in our tales, and in other beliefs. But no; they are all false as mini pigs hold the fact for being one of the cleanest animals; they do not defecate when they sleep, they even leave their designated space to do so. 

Mini pigs do not sweat 

Ever heard of sweating like a pig? It is misleading; as pigs do not have sweat glands in them; which helps them to not emit body odor, except of course if they are not properly hygiene in. 

Mini pigs rank to be one of the smartest animals on our planets, their intelligence? Goes beyond dogs and even with some primates. 

Mini pigs are lovable and sociable 

You can be surprised by how your mini pig can recognize you easily, they are very affectionate although at first; they might have a hard time doing so, over time; as they adjust to your presence; they will adore you. They will care for you as you care for them, and show you love in the strangest way possible; for instance, honking at you. They do not need a lot for their caretaker as well, gentle petting and belly rubs will surely make their day. Moreover, they are fond of socializing; with people, as well as other pets so you would not have a hard time introducing; and merging them to other people around your house or any other pets you have. 

Mini pigs are fond of belly rubs 

Mini pigs on the farm like to hang out around trees to put their belly in it and scratch; and in captivity, they love a good belly rub from their caretakers. It is a great bonding experience for the two of you as well. They are very playful as well, and you can give them various enrichment toys to keep them occupied. 

Mini pigs are capable of learning tricks 

If you are eyeing to train them, it will work as they have a very intelligent, skillful, and competitive nature. Mini pigs usually learn their names two to three weeks after naming them and as per tricks; they are generally labeled to learn faster than a dog, on average.

Your mini pig will need to have a lot of space 

Mini pigs take up a lot of space, and this is not just because they progressively will become large. This is because our mini pigs need to have exercise and playtime every day; to avoid boredom otherwise we will suffer from them forming destructive or aggressive behavior, they might bite on humans as well. Space is crucial when you are about to own one since most owners surrendered their mini pets because they do not have a space for their mini pets. They need their space, to be happy, healthy, engaged, and always in their best behaviors. 

Mini pigs need to be taken seriously 

As they have come to be these famous animals on social media; they are more than just vanity and cuteness, and you need to make sure that pigs, in general, speak to you and you will see yourself caring immensely for one. They needed to be loved and well taken care of as any other pets that are existing. You need to pay attention to their effective housing, feeding, maintenance, and of course; more importantly, is their health and well-being. 

Keep in Mind

You’ll be surprised how a mini pig can fulfill your petting journey, and with all their fascinating facts, I am sure that there will never be a dull moment with you two. They are very endearing, inside and outside. Yes, the internet never lies about mini pigs. Take this as your much-needed sign, to get yourself started on a mini pig petting journey. I’m sure you’ll have a good and fulfilling one. 

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