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Puppies are obviously the cutest and most adorable stage in any dog’s life. If you want to soak in their lovable and energetic personalities then consider getting a pup instead of an adult. Young porties will surely bring joy to your life the moment you wake up in the morning. Getting a puppy is best suited for individuals and families who can spend quality time with a young dog. If you plan on raising your Portie according to your standards, and you’re focus on properly training them to meet you or your family’s want or needs, then you’ll have better chances with a pup compared to an adult.

However, you need to spend quality time with your Portuguese water dog puppy and form a bond with them so that they will be easier to train or socialize. Some people get a pup but they are not in the house all the time or they don’t take the time to train them, and they wonder why their pets are misbehaving. If you want your portie to become a well – mannered pet as it grows, you must give time and attention to it, and not just provide their basic needs. Choosing to purchase a puppy from a reputable source or adopting one from a rescue shelter will make the dog stay longer as part of your family since it will recognize that you’re the one providing them with all their basic needs and general care as they grow.

Prior to buying a puppy from the breeder, it is best that you take the time to see how they interact and play with other dogs as this will give you a hint when it comes to temperament and personality. Usually, puppies that grew in a litter tend to be more assertive and aggressive than puppies that are raised alone which is why the former might be harder to train. The latter though may tend to be more reserved especially with strangers, which is why socialization at an early age is important. Some owners find it difficult to manage and raise a pup especially if they have their own families to take care of. You have to keep in mind that raising a puppy whether it’s a Portuguese water dog breed or not is very the most challenging stage.

That being said, you need to ensure that you have the time to let your pup meet new people, other pets, and take them out for a walk around the neighborhood. As puppies grow, you’ll soon find out that they also go through the stubborn stage just like a child. If you’re sort of a neat freak and you want everything organize around the house, getting a puppy may not be best for you because at some point they can damage your furniture and other household items especially when they go through the chewing stage. As with Portie pups, they are chewer dogs and a bit rambunctious; expect them to be very playful and prepare chew toys for them because they would want to chew/ gnaw everything they see including your hands! You need to puppy – proof your house and also housebreak your pup so that they wouldn’t run over everything.

Needless to say, you have to have lots of patience if you plan on getting a pup.  If you want training to be effective, you also have to be consistent with your methods and the schedule otherwise as Portie pups require owners who are consistent leaders.

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