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What’s wrong with my mini pig? Many keepers had so many questions on the set. One of the main things newbie mini pig keepers ask is that they have kept a dog before but doesn’t know anything about keeping a pig. In this article, you’ll learn the answer on some of these things that are also based on the experiences of other mini pig owners. What’s wrong with my mini pig? Is also something we will focus on because there are many keepers out there who are worried about their pet or they are worried that they are doing something wrong. Let’s get started! In this article you will learn, what’s wrong with my mini pig?

What’s Wrong with My Mini Pig: Foaming Mouth and Snouty Nose

What’s wrong with my mini pig? It’s important to note that mini pigs naturally foam at their mouths. You don’t have anything to worry about. Your pet may just want to eat, so try offering some treats. As an alternative of wiping down your pet’s snout, make an effort misleading him in to cleaning it himself. When your pig receives a drink, he will normally clean his snout off in the dish. If your pet eats grass, he will likely drink after therefore naturally cleaning himself. It usually works for most keepers. If your pet has dirt all over, what you can do is offer him some treats so that you can wipe out the dirt while he eats. Whatever process may be easier for you.

Sarcoptic Mange

What’s wrong with my mini pig? Pigs in general enjoy scraping, which is why it is typical for your pet to scratch on some furniture, against wall surfaces, and also anywhere that fits them. However, if your mini pig is actually scraping all the time, and is having issue concentrating on anything then it might be sarcoptic mange. You have to treat the symptoms so that your pet won’t have to obsessively scratch his skin.

Food and Fitting

What’s wrong with my mini pig? Your pet could be as cheerful compared to others, which would require you to be creative in order to amuse them. Some mini pigs are not fascinated or curious with toys unlike most household pets. However, they will surely have fun with toys that have food items in it! Pigs just LOVE to eat!! Most forms of food – oriented playthings will certainly work but just make the treats in moderation. The best treats are fruits and veggies! If you want to dress up your mini pig pet, better brace yourself! It is very hard to find mini pig clothes! It’s nothing like clothes for a puppy or a cat. Some owners end up sewing clothes just for their pigs! Make sure to check out stores online and see if you can find pig clothes that will fit your pet.                  

Mud Play

Your mini pig’s natural instinct is to play or root in the mud and holes because that’s where they get their nutrients and vitamins. Do not discourage them to do so. However, for the purpose of cleanliness around your house, you should also regulate the amount of mud they would jump in, you don’t want dirt around your house all the time right? You can provide your pigs a play to stay in without compromising their natural habitat needs.

Exercising Your Pet

Mini pigs make great companions for many reasons. If you are a new pig owner, it may take some time you’re your pig to learned the basics. Use small treats such as non-buttered and non-salted popcorn, wheat, cheerios, or small chunks of fruits to entice your mini pig to come to you and follow your command. Aside from using treats, you should also set a specific time during the day for your training because pigs also liked routines. It is advisable to train them before bedtime so that they will have a good night sleep. Physical exercises and mental workout is best done when your pig is focused, so don’t do it right after eating their meal or when they are hungry.

Rehoming Your Pet Pig

What’s wrong with my mini pig? There will be times when you need to make tough decisions like giving up your pet pig for adoption. If you’re in this kind of situation, you can find various rehoming websites online. Or better yet find a rescue center that will adopt your pet pig. There are also Facebook social groups like Pre Loved Pigs where you can post a picture of your pet pig that you need to give up. Another option is going to a website called Pig Placement Network where you can surrender your pet to them.

Acquiring a Pet Pig

When it comes to searching for breeders, it’s best to consider someone near you so that you can also check out their facilities. As much as possible, avoid shipping piglets although if your breeder is far, then you have no choice. Just consider a breeder near you if possible. Once you’ve found a couple in your area, just choose the best mini pig breeder or perhaps the most accommodating. You can also search ahead if that particular breeder has great feedback from previous buyers by going online and talking to fellow keepers. Ask any question you can think of regarding how they raised their mini pigs. The best way is to do your homework, ask your questions, check out feedbacks and see which will suit you best.

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