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Why is my cat drinking lots of water? The majority of pet cat owners recognize just how to monitor the basic health of their pee, by observing their look; their everyday behaviors; as well as their hunger. It’s less well recognized that monitoring their day-to-day water intake is a basic; added means of making sure that your feline is in ideal health and wellness.

Why is my cat drinking lots of water? Usually, individuals don’t recognize that their feline is consuming excessively until the concern is fairly advanced; as well as their feline is drinking such massive amounts of water that it is almost impossible not to discover. They may locate that they require to repetitively filling out the water dish; or they may observe their animal alcohol consumption from the water bowl far much more usually than before. In this article, you’ll learn why is my cat drinking lots of water?


Why is my cat drinking lots of water? Veterinarians describe increased water consumption, or too much alcohol consumption, as “polydipsia”, as well as it is frequently linked to the passing of larger volumes of pee; which is described “polyuria”. The mix of increased thirst and increased urination is usually called “polyuria polydipsia”, abbreviated to PUPD. Commonly, the motorist for the boosted thirst is the boosted urine manufacturing; which subsequently is triggered by an internal metabolic issue of some kind.

Thirsty Cats

To pinpoint the exact reason for boosted thirst; a logical series of examinations may require to be accomplished by your vet. The completion of these kinds of examinations generally gives sufficient info to make an accurate medical diagnosis of the source of your cat’s boosted thirst.

Why is my cat drinking lots of water? If any type of feline starts to consume visibly a lot more freshwater than formerly, this is an indicator that there might be a substantial feline health issue developing; as well as a visit to a veterinarian for a thorough checkup is suggested, It can make good sense to gauge just how much water you need to include to cover up your cat’s water dish each day; to make sure that it is then noticeable to you if your pet cat all of a sudden starts alcohol consumption much more water.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1

Many owners merely observe that their feline is spending even more time lapping from their water bowl compared to in the past, or that they need to fill their cat’s dish a lot more frequently. If you suspect your pet cat may be consuming alcohol extreme water; but you are unsure, it makes sense to gauge the amount of water that you are including in the bowl every day.

FAQ #2

Cats generally drink enough water to maintain their body hydrated, but the exact amount varies from cat to cat. The technological interpretation of “excessive thirst” for canines as well as felines is when they are consuming more than 100ml per kilogram of body weight each day. Felines normally drink in between 2.5 and 7.5 kg: if a 2.5 kg feline beverages greater than 250ml each day, or a 7.5 kg cat drinks over 750ml per day; this is definitively “way too much”. A much smaller sized consumption of water could still be classified as also much for a private animal: if any cat starts to consume significantly more water than before; it makes sense to look right into this.

FAQ #3

Why is my cat drinking lots of water? Several of the illness listed above is more typical in older cats. Specifically, chronic kidney failing, diabetic issues mellitus, hepatic condition and also hyperthyroidism are all even more common in elderly cats.

FAQ #4

Pet cats’ thirst varies on an individual basis. Pet cats acquire water from a range of sources, consisting of damp food. They likewise drink water from exterior sources, as well as water bowls. Generally, a healthy cat could take in a total amount of around 50ml per kilogram body weight each day.

Some Health Tips to Remember

Tip #1

You can avoid social problem when inviting brand-new feline right into your home. Reduce social dispute frequency and prevent issues in between members of the exact same home by choosing suitable people when obtaining pet cats such as littermates; preferably one female and one man.

Tip #2

Do not include cats to a consistent social group and also keep a proper variety of felines to match the setting. Prevent extreme personalities such as nervous or confident when adding or picking new kitties to an existing team. Stop taking numerous felines in securely cat-populated locations; as well as remain away from feeding pet cats and also encouraging them right into your residence. 

Tip #3

Why is my cat drinking lots of water? It is vital to provide interest to the pet cat throughout the transitional stage without surpassing the amount typically accepted. Routines need to be maintained as regular to show that the new kitten or grown-up feline indicates no loss of sources or satisfaction. Moreover; rubbing routinely both the new cat and your feline friend will certainly allow scent to be incorporated right into the communal household.

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