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Are there different types of mini pigs? Most American Mini Pigs body type is quite different from pot belly pigs, usually the American Mini can be differentiated because of their thicker coat and they don’t have a swayed back feature and little to no pot belly. Fortunately, unlike their wild hog ancestors, most mini pigs are very docile, and friendly creatures and they can also be trained, although they have been classified as a different group because of certain characteristics that aren’t found in American mini pigs. In this article, you’ll learn the various types of mini pigs.

Are There Different Types of Mini Pigs?

Most American Mini Pigs body type is quite different from pot belly pigs, usually the American Mini can be differentiated because of their thicker coat and they don’t have a swayed back feature and little to no pot belly.

Miniature pigs are also fond of chewing plants and farm foods like any other farm bred pets, but be careful because some mini pigs are only advised for a certain type of strict diet. For most people mini pigs are low maintenance and manageable that is why they have been developed in the first place, however the needs of your pet pig can be quite expensive. These creatures are mostly gentle and understanding and they are naturally people-oriented.

Proper socialization and training mini pigs from a young age will help prevent the mini pigs from being aggressive to people. Varieties of miniature pigs do very well as family pets and they can also be good with children – although may not be recommended for very young children.

Body Structure

The mini pig has a small but compact body type. It should weigh below 55 pounds; the heaviest can reached 50 – 55 pounds.  They usually have black and bright eyes with sniffy noses as most pigs do.

Like any other pets, mini pigs also have a great deal of energy and needs daily exercise to work off that energy through the toys and random experiences that you can provide. It may not be able to adapt to any kind of environment, but if you raised them properly they can be great house pets. They are generally curious yet controllable indoors as long as they get enough mental and physical stimulation during the day and has proper house training as well as litter training.


The average lifespan for the miniature pig breed is between 12 and 18 years, some mini pigs have a longer lifespan; the breed is quite healthy in general as long as you take care of them properly. Like many pets, however, the mini pigs are prone to health issues such as Dippity Pig Syndrome, UTI, Pig Fever and Intestine Parasitism.

In terms of grooming, the miniature pigs usually have thick coats but it doesn’t necessarily need to be brushed and groomed, however their hoofs and dental health requires a regular check-up.

Different Breeds of Miniature Pigs

Are there different types of mini pigs? You will learn some of the most popular miniature pigs – their physical characteristics, a snapshot of their origin and other important details you need to consider before acquiring them. Not all of the breeds listed below are suitable for you and some may also not be available in your area, so be sure to read the common facts and also try doing a bit of research if you have selected a pet pig breed. The American Mini has the most variety of colors and patterns.

The American Mini Pig

The American Mini is a combination of different variety of hog and domestic pigs around the world. They are solely bred as house pets and companions. It is the perfect pet pig for mini pig enthusiasts out there. It has a compact body and stands at about 15 – 22 inches, smaller in stature and very suitable for indoor/outdoor activities. They are the healthiest type of miniature pig and according to researchers, it has a great temperament.

Mule Foot Hog Breed

The Mule Foot Hog breed has a small head with a proportionate body size and its eyes have are quite apart from each other. It’s not suitable as a pet for those who live in small apartments because it is quite huge, it is much suitable for owners who have a garden or a mini farm area on their backyard.  

KuneKune Breed

The KuneKune breed is one of the cute mini pigs you can acquire as a pet. It has inclined ears and its tusk, mouth and teeth are mostly used for foraging and grazing. This mini pig loves to run around and generally healthy. It is suitable for owners with a backyard or play pen.

Juliana Breed

This mini pig is just like an American mini because it is quite small and its body is also colorfully spotted. It is usually compared to that of a feral pig and sometimes a large hog because of its physical characteristics. Its body is lean and it is also very athletic. It is perfect for owners who want some pig craziness around the house.

Yucatan Breed

This breed has an overall weight of an average American Mini and it also loves to run around and move freely. It is also suitable for people who have a backyard or play pen in the house.

Pot – Bellied Pig

The pot – bellied pig is a domesticated breed that has a swayed back and a large pot belly on their body hence the name. There are other types of pot belly pigs and it doesn’t only refer to a single breed. It came from different ancestors but mostly originated from the Southeast Eurasian continent. There are about fifteen pot -belly pig breed types as of this writing. Some of the pot – belly pigs breeds may not be suitable for your home, it is highly recommended that you do some research first before acquiring one.

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