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Most of us grew up thinking rat are all there is. One, if a house is not clean; if streets are full of waste, and if someone has a disease, it’s probably because of the awful creatures we painted rats to be. But, the beliefs above are simply wrong. Rats are wonderful. These small creatures that are endearing will surely delight you because they are social. Highly intelligent as well as affectionate. Owning them will secure you a life of companionship, they greatly want as much as you.

But to be fair, we have to fairly weigh its pros and cons; and that is what we are going to do. There are secured benefits and challenges with petting rats, just as with any animal. They can be excellent if it fits your lifestyle but may challenge or inconvenience you if you are not prepared for them. 

Pros of Owning a Rat as a Pet

Rats are very smart.

These small but terribly lovely creatures can learn pet rat tricks such as fetching; responding to the name you give them, forage for hidden treats you have hidden for them; puzzles, and many more. Hoping to get them potty-trained? It’s really easy as well. 

Rats are almost as clean as our beloved cats.

As a matter of fact, they spend most of their days just licking and cleaning themselves. Rats do not just pee and poop anywhere as they can be trained and in doing so; they are out and about in their designated space. 

Rats do not smell.

Yes, the belief that they stink is not at all true. They hold a distinct smell, a musky type of scent unique to them; just as the unique fragrance both cats and dogs have. It does not really translate to being pungent; also, how can they smell bad when they are looking after their cleanliness? 

Rats are low maintenance.

Compared to a dog that needs its daily form of exercising or an exotic animal that needs a lot of licensing; before legally owning them, plus its glamorous specific setups. Rats are fairly low maintenance. Most work you will just do is dumping all their feces, so it does not pollute the room and cage; and the second of it is just paying attention. Bonding with them really is not a chore, as you will likely enjoy this time. 

They are very friendly and lovable.

As an owner, you are to form bonds with them easily, as they are very active and energetic. They can recognize their caregiver using their strong five senses. They will actively win your attention so you two can bond together, be it in silently petting and in actively running, playing fetch; and many more. 

If your friends are visiting you, and they fear your rat; do tell them that they can bond with them so long as your pet feels safe. Lastly, you will be surprised by how affectionate, caring and lovable your rat really is. You’ll be delighted to really have one of your own. They are like dogs, except they do not have the fancy tail to wiggle; but you’ll know what I mean when you get one. 

Cons of Owning a Rat and Making it a Pet

Rats are nocturnal.

This can go two ways, either be a pro or a con for you. A con is if you are working late, you have great company, and you are both sleeping in afterward, but if not; then you’ll likely lose yourself along the way. But, you can modify, or readjust their schedule to tune in with your lifestyle. It is an easy process, but it is attainable, especially with consistency. 

They have a very short lifespan.

Rats unfortunately just live their lives around 2 to 3 years; so you have to think through your decision if you want something that is long-term. Although, we do not view this negatively, as you can cherish all of your years together and make it as meaningful as you can. 

It may weird out some people.

Of course, many people generally are not attracted to rats. And some rat owners do say that people do not want to visit them as often as they discover and see how they have rats as a pet, which is really deep and personal. It creeps people out, and may not be taken with much rational thought, but do tell them that they are harmless.  

Final Thoughts

Rats, regardless of pros and cons, are genuinely pet materials, just as with dogs, cats, fishes, spiders, and many more. Basically just as pet material as any other plant to exist, so, if it appeals to you, you are encouraged to freely pet one of their own responsibly. 

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