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Once integrated into the family and when the devon rex has made strong ties within the cat will be soon be in tune with the emotions its human’s experiences. Devon rexs are known to be very sympathetic felines. They are able to detect, and identify with, the emotions of their humans and you will notice it try to gently engage you when it knows you are in a funk. The sweet devon rex will try to cheer you up on days when you seem to be stuck under a grey cloud.

Devon rexs, with other devon rexs for company, can fare well on their own when you have to be at work. Having another devon rex, or another friendly pet they can interact with, to keep them company would be the best environment for these elfish-looking cats. They tend to make better friends with those who share similar traits as they possess. But it will require your attention and seek your company when you are at home. To reject its advances and refuse it time and attention may hurt your furry friend’s feelings. Repeated and constant rejection may cause the cat to develop anxiety and feelings of insecurity. Therefore, allot ample time to catch up with your devon rexs when you get home. It will be hard not to anyway.

Initially, the devon rex may show trepidation and weariness with its new surroundings. This is natural for anyone being introduced to a new environment. They will soon enough get used to the new place and you will see how easily it will adapt to the new home it has been welcomed. Once it becomes familiar with its surroundings the devon rex will gravitate toward the human members of their brood who it deems worthy of their attention. It will be friendly not only to the people of the family but even friends of the family who they often see in the mix.

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